News from the IVS-CPT

Due to a new STN contract, access to STN resources is restricted to SciFinder or service requests to the researchers in the scientific facility of the information service CPT.

The IVS-CPT has established three new mailing lists:
1) icsd_fkf_users:
(Inorganic Crystal Structure Database)
2) csd_fkf_users:
(Cambridge Structural Database)
3) scifinder_mpg_users:

Primarily, the mailing lists are intended to disseminate new information regarding the databases to the users. However, users should feel free to discuss topics related to these databases on the mailing lists. Please subscribe to any of these mailing lists if you are interested.

Since August 2016, all MPG researchers with SciFinder access have a new resource available: ChemZent (Chemisches Zentralblatt) 1830-1969.

Our paper "Climate Change Research in View of Bibliometrics" is featured by

Our full paper "Normalization of Mendeley reader counts for impact assessment" has been published in the Journal of Informetrics, Vol. 10, pg. 62-73 (2016).

On October 16, 2015, our full paper "An Empirical Look at the Nature Index" was accepted for publication is JASIST.

On November 12, 2014, Nature introduced the Nature Index. An online version gets updated regularly. Recently, we have published a correspondence and a letter regarding the Nature Index where the main problems of the Nature Index are discussed.