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Invited Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Talks (20 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)

Last update: June 16, 2016


Daniel Agterberg (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US)
"Breaking time reversal symmetry with pair density wave superconductivity"

Maria Asensio (SOLEIL Synchrotron, FR)
"Evidence of bosonic modes named Fröhlich polarons at the bare SrTiO3 single crystals"

Lara Benfatto (Sapienza University of Rome, IT)
"Can we detect the Higgs mode via optical spectroscopy?"

Christian Bernhard (University of Fribourg, CH)
"Magnetic and superconducting effects at the interface between cuprates and manganites"

Annica Black-Schaffer (Uppsala University, SE)
"Spontaneous currents and Majorana fermions from magnetic impurities in spin-orbit coupled superconductors"

Girsh Blumberg (Rutgers University, US)
"Chirality density wave of the 'hidden order' phase in URu2Si2"

Anna Böhmer (The Ames Laboratory, US)
"Interplay of nematicity, magnetism and superconductivity in iron-based materials"

Lilia Boeri (Graz University of Technology, AU)
"High-Tc conventional superconductivity at extreme pressures"

Philippe Bourges (CEA Saclay, FR)
"Q = 0 Magnetic order in the pseudogap state of cuprates superconductors"

Lucio Braicovich (Politecnico di Milano, I)
"High-resolution RIXS from cuprates: recent results and perspectives"

Stuart Brown (UCLA Los Angeles, US)
"Charge fluctuations and pairing: A case study of a molecular superconductor"

Andrea Cavalleri (MPSD Hamburg, DE)
"Driven superconductors below and above Tc"

Johan Chang (University of Zurich, CH)
"Magnetic field controlled charge density wave coupling in underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+x"

Xianhui Chen (University of Science and Technology, CN)
"Search for novel superconductors with gating method"

Andrey Chubukov (University of Wisconsin-Madison, US)
"Superconductivity near a quantum-critical point ‒ special role of the first Matsubara frequency"

Stephen Clark (University of Bath, UK)
"Dynamical enhancement of super-exchange pairing in a driven Hubbard model"

Pengcheng Dai (Rice University, US)
"A Mott insulator induced near iron pnictide superconductors"

J. C. Séamus Davis (Cornell University, US)
"Commensurate pair-density wave and charge-density wave states of underdoped cuprates"

Leonardo Degiorgi (ETH  Zurich, CH)
"Origin of the resistive anisotropy in the electronic nematic phase of BaFe2As2 revealed by optical spectroscopy"

Eugene Demler (Harvard University, US)
"Holographic maps of quasiparticle interference"

Martin Dressel (University of Stuttgart, DE)
"Charge order and superconductivity in low-dimensional organic conductors"

Mikhail Eremets (MPIC Mainz, DE)
"High critical temperature in conventional superconductors"

Donglai Feng (Fudan University, CN)
"STM signatures of possible high temperature superconductivity in electron doped Sr2IrO4"

Rafael Fernandes (University of Minnesota, US)
"Nematicity and superconductivity in FeSe: Why are they different than in other iron-based materials?"

Liang Fu (MIT Cambridge, US)
"Odd-parity superconductors: Nematic, chiral and topological"

Atsushi Fujimori (The University of Tokyo, JP)
"Suppressed antiferromagnetism and enlarged superconducting phase in protect-annealed electron-doped cuprates"

Yann Gallais (Université Paris Diderot, FR)
"Nematic fluctuations and resonance in iron-based superconductors"

Claudio Giannetti (University of Brescia, IT)
"The room temperature prodrome of charge-order in copper oxides"

Rick Greene (University of Maryland, US)
"Low temperature transport, Fermi surface reconstruction, and charge order in the electron-doped cuprates: relation with Tc?"

Irina Grigorieva (University of Manchester, UK)
"Superconductivity in alkali-metal doped graphene"

Tetsuo Hanaguri (RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, JP)
"Quasiparticle interference and BCS-BEC crossover in FeSe"

Kristjan Haule (Rutgers University, US)
"Hund's metallicity as the origin of the anomalous state of matter in iron superconductors"

Eric van Heumen (University of Amsterdam, NL)
"Direct observation of a Fermi liquid-like normal state in Co-doped BaFe2As2"

David Hsieh (Caltech, US)
"Odd-parity hidden order in a perovskite iridate revealed by nonlinear optics"

Marc-Henri Julien (CNRS Grenoble, FR)
"NMR studies of charge order in YBa2Cu3Oy"

Stefan Kaiser (University of Stuttgart, DE)
"Possible light induced superconductivity in K3C60"

Adam Kaminski (The Ames Laboratory, US)
"Gap, pseudogap and collective excitations in unconventional superconductors and charge density wave systems"

Bumjoon Kim (MPI-FKF Stuttgart, DE)
"Switching the d-wave gap in layered perovskite iridates via spin reorientation"

Ting-Ku Lee (Academia Sinica, TW)
"Photoemission spectra of intertwined-order states for cuprates"

Wei-Sheng Lee (Stanford University, US)
"Three-dimensional charge density wave order in YBCO at high magnetic field"

Jianlin Luo (CAS Beijing, CN)
"Superconductivity on the border of helimagnetic order in CrAs and MnP"

Dirk Manske (MPI-FKF Stuttgart, DE)
"Higgs spectroscopy in superconductors"

Yuji Matsuda (Kyoto University, JP)
"BCS-BEC crossover, preformed pairs and highly spin polarized superconducting phase in FeSe"

Ryusuke Matsunaga (The University of Tokyo, JP)
"Higgs amplitude mode in superconductors studied by nonlinear terahertz spectroscopy"

Vesna Mitrović (Brown University, US)
"High field phases in a Pauli-limited organic superconductor"

Yusuke Nomura (École Polytechnique Palaiseau, FR)
"Exotic high-Tc s-wave superconductivity in A3C60 (A = K, Rb, Cs)"

Raymond Osborn (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
"Evidence for itinerant magnetism in the C4 phase of hole-doped iron arsenides"

Christoph Renner (University of Geneva, CH)
"New insight on the vortex core states and charge order in YBCO"

Suchitra Sebastian (Cambridge University, UK)
"Quantum-fluctuation driven pseudogap in the underdoped cuprate superconductors"

Katsuya Shimizu (Osaka University, JP)
"Structural study of superconductive sulfur hydride"

Takahiro Shimojima (The University of Tokyo, JP)
"Nematic electronic structure of the iron-based superconductors"

Eduardo H. da Silva Neto (UBC Vancouver, CA)
"Doping dependent charge order correlation in electron-doped cuprates"

Alexander Steppke (MPI-CPfS Dresden, DE)
"Strong peak in Tc of Sr2RuO4 under uniaxial strain"

Greg Stewart (University of Florida, US)
"Universal scaling law for the condensation energy for a broad range of superconductor classes"

Louis Taillefer (Université de Sherbrooke, CA)
"The pseudogap critical point of cuprate superconductors"

John Tranquada (Brookhaven National Laboratory, US)
"Charge pinning and screening in cuprate superconductors"

Jean-Marc Triscone (University of Geneva, CH)
"Superconductivity at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface"

Yayu Wang (Tsinghua University, CN)
"Electronic structure of parent and lightly doped cuprates studied by STM"

Hai-Hu Wen (Nanjing University, CN)
"Scrutinizing the double superconducting gaps, gap signs and strong coupling pairing in (Li1-xFex)OHFeSe by STS/STM"

QiKun Xue (Tsinghua University, CN)
"Is the high-Tc superconductivity in cuprates an interface problem?"

Ali Yazdani (Princeton University, US)
"Spectroscopic mapping on topological and correlated superconductors"

Jun Zhao (Fudan University, CN)
"Magnetic phase diagram and spin excitations in CrAs"

Guo-qing Zheng (Okayama University, JP)
"NMR evidence for spin-rotation symmetry breaking and triplet superconducting state in a doped topological insulator"

Xingjiang Zhou (CAS Beijing, CN)
"Quantitative determination of the pairing interactions for high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates"