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Nanooptics is concerned with the interaction between nanometer-sized objects and confined or locally enhanced electromagnetic light fields. Optical antennas which can scan individual nanostructures establish a novel access to the nanoworld. We employ a home-built scanning tunneling microscope (STM) at cryogenic temperature which allows detecting light emission from its scanning metallic tip. The sharp tunnel current of the STM can very selectively excited luminescence from individual quantum systems like organic molecules, quantum dots, and quantum wires which have previously been imaged and characterized by tunneling spectroscopy. The spectral analysis of the emitted light allows investigating inelastic electron transitions and can even access excited states without net charge (neutral electron-hole pairs). Moreover, fast optical detectors provide a straight-forward means to follow processes on the atomic scale with high temporal resolution. They even allow the characterization and excitation of single photon emitters with nanometer precision by employing Hanbury Brown-Twiss interferometry in the STM. The detection of locally excited luminescence provides a complementary and powerful extension of scanning tunneling microscopy.


Responsible Scientist

Dr. Klaus Kuhnke


Team Members

Abhishek Grewal, Klaus Kuhnke, Christopher Leon, Anna Roslawska


Review on the Research Field

Klaus Kuhnke, Christoph Große, Pablo Merino, and Klaus Kern
Atomic-Scale Imaging and Spectroscopy of Elecroluminescence at Molecular Interfaces 
Chem. Rev. 117 (2017) pp. 5174-5222

Key Publications

Christoph Große, Pablo Merino, Anna Rosławska, Olle Gunnarsson, Klaus Kuhnke, and Klaus Kern
Submolecular Electroluminescence Mapping of Organic Semiconductors
ACS Nano 11, pp 1230-1237, (2017)

C. Große, O. Gunnarsson, P. Merino, K. Kuhnke, and K. Kern
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Nano Lett. 16 (3), pp 2084–2089 (2016)

P. Merino, C. Große, A. Roslawska, K. Kuhnke, and K. Kern
Sub-nanoscale exciton dynamics of C60-based single photon emitters by Hanbury Brown-Twiss Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Nature Commun. 6:8461 (2015)

C. Große, A. Kabakchiev, T. Lutz, R. Froidevaux, F. Schramm, M. Ruben, M. Etzkorn, U. Schlickum, K. Kuhnke, and K. Kern
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Nano Lett. 14, 5693 (2014)

C. Große, M. Etzkorn, K. Kuhnke, S. Loth, and K. Kern
Quantitative mapping of fast voltage pulses in tunnel junctions by plasmonic luminescence
Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 183108 (2013)

T.Lutz, C.Große, C.Dette, A.Kabakchiev, F.Schramm, M.Ruben, R.Gutzler, K.Kuhnke, U.Schlickum, and K.Kern

Molecular orbital gates for plasmon excitation
Nano Letters 13, 2846 (2013)
T.Lutz, A.Kabakchiev, T.Dufaux, C.Wolpert, Z.Wang, M.Burghard, K.Kuhnke, and K.Kern

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Small 7, 2396(2011)

A.Kabakchiev, K,Kuhnke, T.Lutz, and K. Kern
Electroluminescence from individual pentacene nanocrystals
Chem Phys Chem 11, 3412 (2010)

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