Research at the Frontier of Condensed Matter

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Startseite Alavi

Electronic Structure Theory

Ali Alavi
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Startseite Maier

Physical Chemistry of Solids

Joachim Maier
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Startseite Keimer

Solid State Spectroscopy

Bernhard Keimer
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Solid State Quantum Electronics

Solid State Quantum Electronics

Jochen Mannhart
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Startseite Kern

Nanoscale Science

Klaus Kern
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Startseite Metzner

Quantum Many-Body Theory

Walter Metzner
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Startseite v. Klitzing

Low Dimensional Electron Systems

Klaus v. Klitzing
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Startseite Research Groups

Research Groups

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  Albert Crewe Award 2018
for Timothy J. Pennycook

His work has shed light on the dynamics of materials and was the first to see the dynamics of a chemical reaction in atomic scale detail.
    Chia-Chin Chen
won the "Starck-Dissertation Award". This prestigious prize is conferred for the best dissertation in the year in Germany in the field of Solid State Chemistry and Materials Science.
    © UBC/Paul H. Joseph   Bundesforschungsministerin Karliczek am Max-Planck-Center
in Vancouver

Die Ministerin und eine Delegation des Bundestages lassen sich die erfolgreiche Kooperation mit der University of British Columbia und der Universität Tokyo präsentieren [more]

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