Atomic-scale imaging of magnetic order in strongly correlated electron systems

R. Aluru, M. Enayat, Z. Sun, U. R. Singh, S. Schmaus, A. Yaresko, Y. Liu, C. T. Lin, and P. Wahl

Many unconventional superconductors – including the well-known copper-oxide superconductors – have a phase diagram in which magnetism and superconductivity occur close to each other. This suggests an intimate relationship between the two which might hold the clue to the mechanism of superconductivity in these materials. Spin-polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (SP-STM) allows characterizing superconductivity and magnetism in the same measurement at the atomic scale. We have demonstrated SP-STM on the non-superconducting parent compound of the iron chalcogenide superconductors.

For the full text, see the German version.

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