Corresponding author

Hagen Klauk

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research


Zschieschang, U.; Hofmockel, R.; Rödel, R.; Kraft, U.; Kang, M. J.; Takimiya, K.; Zaki, T.; Letzkus, F.; Butschke, J.; Richter, H.; Burghartz, J.N.; Klauk, H.
Megahertz operation of flexible low-voltage organic thin-film transistors
Rödel, R.; Letzkus, F.; Zaki, T.; Burghartz, J.N.; Kraft, U.; Zschieschang, U.; Kern, K.; Klauk, H.
Contact properties of high-mobility, air-stable, low-voltage organic n-channel thin-film transistors based on a naphthalene tetracarboxylic diimide
Kraft, U.; Sejfić, M.; Kang, M.J.; Takimiya, K.; Zaki, T.; Letzkus, F.; Burghartz, J.N.; Weber, E.; Klauk, H.
Flexible Low-Voltage Organic Complementary Circuits: Finding the Optimum Combination of Semiconductors and Monolayer Gate Dielectrics

In collaboration with:

K. Takimiya (RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, Wako, Saitama, Japan)

F. Letzkus, H. Richter, J. Burghartz  (Institut für Mikroelektronik/IMS CHIPS, Stuttgart, Germany)

T. Zaki (Institute for Nano- and Microelectronic Systems (INES), University of Stuttgart, Germany)


Research report 2014 -


U. Kraft, M. Sejfić, R. Rödel, M. Aghamohammadi, U. Zschieschang, and H. Klauk


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