Corresponding author

Soon Jung Jung

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research


Kley, C.S.; Dette, C.; Rinke, G.; Patrick, C.E.; Čechal, J.; Jung, S.J.; Baur, M.; Dürr, M.; Rauschenbach, S.; Giustino, F.; Stepanow, S.; Kern, K.
Atomic-Scale Observation of Multiconformational Binding and Energy Level Alignment of Ruthenium-Based Photosensitizers on TiO2 Anatase
Dette, C.; Pérez-Osorio, M.A.; Kley, C.S.; Punke, P.; Patrick, C.E.; Jacobson, P.; Giustino, F.; Jung, S.J.; Kern, K.
TiO2 Anatase with a Bandgap in the Visible Region

In collaboration with:

F. Giustino (University of Oxford)


Research report 2014 -


C. Dette, C. S. Kley, P. Punke, G. Rinke, J. Čechal, P. Jacobson, S. Rauschenbach, S. Stepanow, S. J. Jung, and K. Kern


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