List of Publications, Book Chapters and Conference Proceeding


Higgs Spectroscopy of Superconductors in Nonequilibrium

B. Fauseweh, L. Schwarz, N. Tsuji, N. Cheng, N. Bittner, H. Krull, M. Berciu, G.S. Uhrig, A.P. Schnyder, S. Kaiser, D. Manske

arxiv:1712.07989 (2017). 

Light-induced superconductivity in a strongly correlated electron system

Nikolaj Bittner, Takami Tohyama, Stefan Kaiser, Dirk Manske

arxiv:1706.09366 (2017).

Refereed Publications


Daniel Werdehausen, Tomohiro Takayama, Gelon Albrecht, Yangfan Lu, Hidenori Takagi, Stefan Kaiser

Photo-excided Dynamics in the Excitonic Insulator Ta2NiSe5

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30, 305602 (2018).

Daniel Werdehausen, Tomohiro Takayama, Marc Höppner, Gelon Albrecht, Andreas W. Rost, Yangfan Lu, Dirk Manske, Hidenori Takagi, Stefan Kaiser

Coherent Order Parameter Oscillations in the Ground State of the Excitonic Insulator Ta2NiSe5

Science Advances 4, eaap8652 (2018).

Gelon Albrecht, Monika Ubl, Stefan Kaiser, Harald Giessen, Mario Hentschel

Comprehensive Study of Plasmonic Materials in the Visible and Near-Infrared: Linear, Refractory, and Nonlinear Optical Properties

ACS Photonics 5, 1058 (2018).


Gelon Albrecht, Stefan Kaiser, Harald Giessen, Mario Hentschel

Refractory Plasmonics without Refractory Materials

Nano Letters 17, 6402 (2017).

S. Kaiser

Light-induced Superconductivity in High-Tc Cuprates

Physica Scripta 92, 103001 (2017).

Gelon Albrecht, Mario Hentschel, Stefan Kaiser, Harald Giessen

Hybrid Organic-Plasmonic Nanoantennas with Enhanced Third-Harmonic Generation

ACS Omega 2, 2577 (2017).


C. R. Hunt, D. Nicoletti, S. Kaiser, D. Pröpper, T. Loew, J. Porras, B. Keimer, A. Cavalleri

Dynamical decoherence of the light induced interlayer coupling in YBa2Cu3O6+δ

Phys. Rev. B 94, 224303 (2016).

M. Mitrano, A. Cantaluppi, D. Nicoletti, S. Kaiser, A. Perucchi, S. Lupi, P. Di Pietro, D. Pontiroli, M. Riccò, S.R. Clark, D. Jaksch, and A. Cavalleri

Possible light induced superconductivity in K3C60 at high temperatures

Nature 530, 461 (2016).

B. Green, S. Kovalev, V. Asgekar, G. Geloni, U. Lehnert, T. Golz, M. Kuntzsch, C. Bauer, J. Hauser, J. Voigtlaender, B. Wustmann, I. Koesterke, M. Schwarz, M. Freitag, A. Arnold, J. Teichert, M. Justus, W. Seidel, C. Ilgner, N. Awari, D. Nicoletti, S. Kaiser, Y. Laplace, S. Rajasekaran, L. Zhang, S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, G. Schay, I. Lorincz, A. A. Rauscher, I. Radu, S. Mährlein, T. H. Kim, J. S. Lee, T. Kampfrath, S. Wall, J. Heberle, A. Malnasi-Csizmadia, A. Steiger, A. S. Müller, M. Helm, U. Schramm, T. Cowan, P. Michel, A. Cavalleri, A. S. Fisher, N. Stojanovic, M. Gensch.

High-Field High-Repetition-Rate Sources for Coherent THz Control of Matter

Scientific Reports 6, 22256 (2016).



R. Singla, G. Cotugno, S. Kaiser, M. Först, M. Mitrano, H.Y. Liu, A. Cartella, C. Manzoni, H. Okamoto, T. Hasegawa, S.R. Clark, D. Jaksch, and A. Cavalleri

THz-Frequency Modulation of the Hubbard U in an Organic Mott Insulator

Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 187401 (2015).


C.R. Hunt, D. Nicoletti, S. Kaiser, T. Takayama, H. Takagi, and A. Cavalleri

Two distinct kinetic regimes for the relaxation of light-induced superconductivity in La1.675Eu0.2Sr0.125CuO4

Phys. Rev. B 91, 020505(R) (2015).



M. Först, A. Frano, S. Kaiser, R. Mankowsky, C.R. Hunt, J.J Turner, G.L. Dakovski, M.P. Minitti, J. Robinson, T. Loew, M. Le Tacon, B. Keimer, A. Cavalleri, and S.S. Dhesi

Femtosecond x rays link melting of charge-density wave correlations and light-enhanced coherent transport in YBa2Cu3O6.6

Phys. Rev. B 90, 184514 (2014).


D. Nicoletti, E. Casandruc Y. Laplace, V. Khanna, C.R. Hunt, S. Kaiser, S.S Dhesi, G.D. Gu, J.P. Hill, and A. Cavalleri

Optically induced superconductivity in striped La2-xBaxCuO4 by polarization-selective excitation in the near infrared

Phys. Rev. B 90 100503(R) (2014).


S. Kaiser, C. R. Hunt, D. Nicoletti, W. Hu, I. Gierz, H. Y. Liu, M. Le Tacon, T. Loew, D. Haug, B. Keimer, and A. Cavalleri

Optically induced coherent transport far above Tc in underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+δ

Phys. Rev. B 89, 184516 (2014).


W. Hu, S. Kaiser, D. Nicoletti, C.R. Hunt, I. Gierz, M.C. Hoffmann, M. Le Tacon, T. Loew, B. Keimer, and A. Cavalleri

Optically enhanced coherent transport in YBa2Cu3O6.5 by ultrafast redistribution of interlayer coupling

Nature Materials 13, 705 (2014).


Alberto Girlando, Matteo Masino, John A. Schlueter, Natalia Drichko, Stefan Kaiser, and Martin Dressel

Charge-order fluctuations and superconductivity in two-dimensional organic metals

Phys. Rev. B 89, 174503 (2014).


M. Mitrano, G. Cotugno, S.R. Clark, R. Singla, S. Kaiser, J. Staehler, R. Beyer, M. Dressel, L. Baldassarre, D. Nicoletti, A. Perucchi, T. Hasegawa, H. Okamoto, D. Jaksch, and A. Cavalleri

Pressure-Dependent Relaxation in the Photoexcited Mott Insulator ET-F2TCNQ: Influence of Hopping and Correlations on Quasiparticle Recombination Rates

Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 117801 (2014).


S. Kaiser, S.R. Clark, D. Nicoletti, G. Cotugno, R.I. Tobey, N. Dean, S. Lupi, H. Okamoto, T. Hasegawa, D. Jaksch, A. Cavalleri

Optical Properties of a Vibrationally Modulated Solid State Mott Insulator

Scientific Reports 4, 3823 (2014).



H.Y. Liu, I. Gierz, J. C. Petersen, S. Kaiser, A. Simoncig, A.L. Cavalieri, C. Cacho, I.C.E. Turcu, E. Springate, F. Frassetto, L. Poletto, S.S. Dhesi, Z.-A. Xu, T. Cuk, R. Merlin, and A. Cavalleri

Possible observation of parametrically amplified coherent phasons in K0.3MoO3 using time-resolved ultraviolet angle-resolved photoemission

Physical Review B 88, 045104 (2013).


B.P. Gorshunov, A.A. Boris, E.S. Zhukova, V.V. Zemlyanov, L.S. Kadyrov, S. Kaiser, and M. Dressel

Subterahertz Electrodynamics of (TMTSF)2X (X = ClO4, PF6) Salts

JETP 116, 460 (2013).



S. Kaiser, S. Yasin, N. Drichko, M. Dressel, T. Rõõm, D. Hüvonen, U. Nagel, G. L. Gard, and J. A. Schlueter

Optical investigations of the superconducting energy gap in β″-(BEDT-TTF)2SF5CH2CF2SO3

Phys. Stat. Solidi (b) 249, 985 (2012).


A.D. Caviglia, R. Scherwitzl, P. Popovich, W. Hu, H. Bromberger, R. Singla, M. Mitrano, M.C. Hoffmann, S. Kaiser, P. Zubko, S. Gariglio, J.-M. Triscone, M. Först, and A. Cavalleri

Ultrafast strain engineering in complex oxide heterostructures

Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 136801 (2012).


A. Girlando, M. Masino, S. Kaiser, Y. Sun, N. Drichko, M. Dressel, H. Mori

Spectroscopic characterization of charge order fluctuations in BEDT-TTF metals and superconductors

Phys. Stat. Solidi (b) 249, 953 (2012).



Michael Först, Cristian Manzoni, Stefan Kaiser, Yasuhide Tomioka, Yoshinori Tokura, Roberto Merlin, and Andrea Cavalleri

Nonlinear phononics: A new ultrafast route to lattice control

Nature Physics 7, 854 (2011).


J.C. Petersen, S. Kaiser, N. Dean, A. Simoncig, H. Y. Liu, A. L. Cavalieri, C. Cacho, I.C.E. Turcu, E. Springate, F. Frassetto, L. Poletto, S.S. Dhesi, H. Berger, and A. Cavalleri

Clocking the Melting Transition of Charge and Lattice Order in 1T-TaSwith Ultrafast Extreme-Ultraviolet Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy

Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 177402 (2011).


V.V. Glushkov, B.P. Gorshunov, E.S. Zhukova, S.V. Demishev, A.A. Pronin, N.E. Sluchanko, S. Kaiser, and M. Dressel

Spin excitations of the correlated semiconductor FeSi probed by THz radiation

Phys. Rev. B 84, 073108 (2011).


D. Fausti, R.I. Tobey, N. Dean, S. Kaiser, A. Dienst, M.C. Hoffmann, S. Pyon, T. Takayama, H. Takagi and A. Cavalleri

Light induced Superconductivity in a Stripe-ordered Cuprate

Science 331, 189 (2011).


N. Dean, J.C. Petersen, D. Fausti, R.I. Tobey, S. Kaiser, L.V. Gasparov, H. Berger, and A. Cavalleri

Polaronic conductivity in the photoinduced phase of 1T-TaS2

Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 016401 (2011).



N. Drichko, S. Kaiser, R. Shewmon, J. Eckstein, M. Dressel, M. Matos, R.T. Henriques, and M. Almeida

Infrared investigations of the one-dimensional organic conductors (perylene)2M(mnt)2, M=Au, Pt

Eur. Phys. J. B 78, 283 (2010).


S. Kaiser, M. Dressel, Y. Sun, A. Greco, J.A. Schlueter, G.L. Gard, and N. Drichko

Bandwidth tuning triggers interplay of charge order and superconductivity in two-dimensional organic materials

Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 206402 (2010).


M. Dressel, N. Drichko, and S. Kaiser

Collective charge-order excitations

Physica C 470, S589 (2010).


A.S. Prokohorov, E.S. Zukova, B.P. Gorshunov, M.B.S. Hesselberth, J. Aarts, G.J. Nieuwenhuys, S. Kaiser, and M. Dressel

Localization of conduction electrons in the ferromagnetic clusters AuFe

JETP Letters 89, 4660 (2009).


M.Glied, S. Yasin, S. Kaiser, N. Drichko, M. Dressel, J. Wosnitza, J.A. Schlueter, and G.L. Gard

DC and high-frequency conductivity of the organic metals b’’-(BEDT)2SF5RSO3 (R=CH2CF2 and CHF)

Synthetic Metals 159, 1043 (2009).


D. Wu, N. Barišić, N. Drichko, S. Kaiser, A. Faridian, M. Dressel, S. Jiang, Z. Ren, L. J. Li, G. H. Cao, Z. A. Xu, H. S. Jeevan, and P. Gegenwart

Effects of the magnetic orderings on the dynamical conductivity: optical investigations of EuFe2As2 single crystals

Phys. Rev. B 79, 155103 (2009).


Natalia Drichko, Stefan Kaiser, Yaxiu Sun, Conrad Clauss, Martin Dressel, Hatsumi Mori, John Schlueter, Elena I. Zhyliaeva, Svetlana A. Torunova, and Rimma N. Lyubovskaya

Evidence for charge order in organic superconductors obtained by vibrational spectroscopy

Physica B 404, 490 (2009).


B. Gorshunov, S. Kaiser, E.S. Zhukova, A.S. Prokohorov, M.B.S. Hesselberth, J. Aarts, G.J. Nieuwenhuys, and M. Dressel

Charge carrier localization due to ferromagnetic clusters in concentrated AuFe alloys

Phys. Rev. B 79, 054203 (2009).


N. Liu, S. Kaiser, and H. Giessen

Magnetoinductive and Electroinductive Coupling in Plasmonic Metamaterial Molecules

Advanced Materials 20, 4521 (2008).


N. Liu, L. Fu, S. Kaiser, H. Schweizer, and H. Giessen

Plasmonic building blocks for magnetic molecules in three-dimensional metamaterials

Advanced Materials 20, 3859 (2008).


A. S. Prokhorov, E. S. Zhukova, I. E. Spektor, B. P. Gorshunov, M. B. S. Hesselberth, J. Aarts, G. J. Nieuwenhuys, S. Kaiser and M. Dressel

RKKY interaction and a pseudo-gap in terahertz conductivity spectra of the AuFe spin glass

The Physics of Metals and Metallography 106, 247 (2008).


N. Liu, H. Guo, L. Fu, S. Kaiser, H. Schweizer and H. Giessen

Three-dimensional photonic metamaterials at optical frequencies

Nature Materials 7, 31 (2008).


H. Schweizer, L. Fu, H. Gräbeldinger, H. Guo, N. Liu, S. Kaiser and H. Giessen

Negative permeability around 630 nm in nanofabricated meander metamaterials

Phys. Status Solidi A 204, 3886 (2007).


N. Liu, H. Guo, L. Fu, H. Schweizer, S. Kaiser and H. Giessen

Plasmon hybridization in stacked cut-wire metamaterials

Advanced Materials 19, 3628 (2007).


T. Zentgraf, T. P. Meyrath, A. Seidel, S. Kaiser, H. Giessen, C. Rockstuhl and F. Lederer

Babinet’s principle for optical frequency metamaterials and nanoantennas

Phys. Rev. B 76, 033407 (2007).


H. Schweizer, L. Fu, H. Gräbeldinger, H. Guo, N. Liu, S. Kaiser and H. Giessen

Longitudinal Capacitance Design for Optical Left-Handed Metamaterials

Phys. Status Solidi B 244, 1243 (2007).


N. Liu, H. Guo, L. Fu, H. Schweizer, S. Kaiser and H. Giessen

Electromagnetic resonances in single and double split-ring resonator metamaterials in the near infrared spectral region

Phys. Status Solidi B 244, 1251 (2007).


H. Guo, N. Liu, L. Fu, H. Schweizer, S. Kaiser and H. Giessen

Thickness dependence of the optical properties of split-ring resonator metamaterials

Phys. Status Solidi B 244, 1256 (2007).


A.S. Prokhorov, V. B. Anzin, D. A. Vitukhnovskii, E. S. Zhukova, I. E. Spektor, B. P. Gorshunov, S. Vongtragool, M. B. S. Hesselberth, J. Aarts, G. J. Nieuwenhuys, M. Dumm, D. Faltermeier, S. Kaiser, S. Yasin, M. Dressel and N. Drichko

Terahertz spectroscopy of AuFe spin glasses

JETP 103, 887 (2006).


B. P. Gorshunov, A.S. Prokhorov, S. Kaiser, D. Faltermeier, S. Yasin, M. Dumm, N. Drichko, E. S. Zhukova, I. E. Spektor, S. Vongtragool, M. B. S. Hesselberth, J. Aarts, G. J. Nieuwenhuys and M. Dressel

Charge Localization due to RKKY Interaction in the Spin Glass AuFe

Europhys. Lett. 76, 938 (2006).


Book chapters

THz Control in Correlated Electron Solids: Sources and Applications

M. Först, M. C. Hoffmann, A. Dienst, S. Kaiser, M. Rini, R.I. Tobey, M. Gensch, C. Manzoni and A. Cavalleri

In TERAHERTZ SPECTROSCOPY AND IMAGING, Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 2013, Volume 171/2013, 611-631


Negative Permeability around 630 nm in Nanofabricated Vertical Meander Metamaterials

Heinz Schweizer, Liwei Fu, Hedwig Gräbeldinger, Hongcang Guo, Na Liu, Stefan Kaiser, Harald Giessen

In Nanophotonic Materials: Photonic Crystals, Plasmonics, and Metamaterials, (2008) Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, DOI: 10.1002/9783527621880.ch22



Ultrafast dynamics and coherent order parameter oscillations under photo-excitation in the excitonic insulator Ta2NiSe5

Daniel Werdehausen, Steinn Ymir Agustsson, Minjae Kim, Parmida Shabestari, Emily Huang, Amrit Pokharel, Timofei Larkin, Alexander Boris, Tomohiro Takayama, Yangfan Lu, Andreas W. Rost, Hao Chu, Alexander Yaresko, Marc Höppner, Armin Schulz, Dirk Manske, Bernhard Keimer, Hidenori Takagi, Stefan Kaiser 

Proc. SPIE 10638, Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics III, 1063803 (8 May 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2304795 

Possible Light Induced Superconductivity in metallic K3C60

A. Cantaluppi, M. Mitrano, D. Nicoletti, S. Kaiser, A. Perucchi, S. Lupi, P. Di Pietro, D. Pontiroli, M. Ricco, S.R. Clark, D. Jaksch, A. Cavalleri

International Conference on Infrared Millimeter and Terahertz Waves  2016

Enhancement of Superconducting Coherence in YBa2Cu3Ox by Resonant Lattice Excitation

D. Nicoletti, W. Hu, S. Kaiser, C.R. Hunt, I. Gierz, M. Le Tacon, T. Loew, B. Keimer, A. Cavalleri

ULTRAFAST PHENOMENA XIX - Book Series: Springer Proceedings in Physics
Volume: 162, Pages: 214-217, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-13242-6_51 (2015).


Femtosecond time-and-angle-resolved EUV photoemission spectroscopy with mid-IR pumping

C.M. Cacho, J. Petersen, I. Gierz, H. Liu, S. Kaiser, R. Chapman, A. Cavalleri, and E. Springate

2014 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) - Laser Science to Photonic Applications


Charge density wave dynamics from ultrafast XUV ARPES

J.C. Petersen, S. Kaiser, N. Dean, A. Simoncig, H.Y. Liu, A.L. Cavalieri, C. Cacho, I.C.E. Turcu, E. Springate, F. Frassetto, L. Poletto, S. S. Dhesi, H. Berger and A. Cavalleri

EPJ Web of Conferences 41, 03023 (2013)


Controlling Superconductivity with Strong Terahertz Fields

Matthias Hoffmann, Andreas Dienst, Daniele Fausti, Stefan Kaiser, and Andrea Cavalleri

CLEO: Science and Innovations, San Jose, USA, May 6-11, 2012
High Power Terahertz Sources & Applications (CM3J)


Vibrational Control of “Mottness” in a Correlated Electron System

S. Kaiser, R.I. Tobey, N. Dean, D. Nicoletti, S. Lupi, C. Manzoni,H. Okamoto, J. Tsutsumi, T. Hasegawa, A. Cavalleri

In Ultrafast Phenomena XVII, 194 (2011)


Coherent Polarons in Ferromagnetic La0.7Sr0.3MnO3

M. Först, C. Manzoni, S. Kaiser, Y. Tomioka, Y. Tokura, A. Cavalleri

In Ultrafast Phenomena XVII, 176 (2011)


Superconductivity in Stripe-Ordered La1.675Eu0.2Sr0.125CuO4 by Mode-selective Lattice Excitation

D. Fausti, R. Tobey, N. Dean, S. Kaiser, A. Dienst, M. Hoffmann, S. Pyon, T. Takayama, H. Takagi, A. Cavalleri

In Ultrafast Phenomena XVII, 134 (2011)



Interplay of Charge Order and Superconductivity

Optical Properties of Quarter-Filled Two-Dimensional Organic Conductors and Superconductors

Stefan Kaiser

Suedwestdeutscher Verlag fuer Hochschulschriften, ISBN-13: 978-3-8381-2391-2

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