The research of the Ultrafast Solid State Spectroscopy group focusses on development of new optical laser-based sources for ultrafast probes of complex materials. Therefore both people with research interest in laser development as well as interest at non-equilibrium spectroscopy of quantum materials are invited to contact us and have a detailed look at our research. If you are interested in pursuing a thesis (bachelor, master or PhD level) or working in the group, please contact us for discussing possibilities.

Possible experiments on a master/bachelor level include:

(1) Probing the dynamics of superconductors using time resolved THz-spectroscopy and/or Higgs-Spectroscopy
(2) Tracing symmetry breaks in complex materials by non-linear optics (second harmonic generation)
(3) Dynamics in excitonic insulators using pump-probe spectroscopy (NIR/MIR/THz)
(4) Near-field optical spectroscopy and microscopy of quantum materials with a s-SNOM
(5) Time resolved fluoresence 

Feel free to contact us for details.

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