Parmida Shabestari

PhD Student


Parmida studied physics at the KNTU in Tehran and performed her Bachelor thesis on “Simulations of Electromagnetic Multipoles - Hallbach Arrays” in 2009.
She continued her education receiving two master degrees; the first one in “Energy and Environment” from the University of Leeds in 2012, where she simulated “Buoyancy Driven Flows for the Purpose of Natural Solar Ventilation”.

Then she pursued a Master of Physics from University of Stuttgart, where she explored the “Dynamics of Active Brownian Colloids” experimentally. After graduating in 2015 she joined the Max Planck Research Group for Ultrafast Spectroscopy as a PhD student and the International Max Planck Research School investigating time resolved properties of optically driven complex quantum materials at the nanoscale.

Project description

Parmida develops advanced nonlinear optical and vibrational excitations to control and probe properties of novel quantum materials. Using nearfield optics, coupling these optical probes with the resolution of an atomic force microscope, allows her to access the equilibrium and transient optical properties of the light-driven states down to the nanoscale with subwavelength resolution.

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