Desislava (Dessy) Daskalova

Master Student


Desislava obtained her B.Sc. in Photonics and Laser Physics at Sofia University, Bulgaria. During her studies she also worked at the Institute for Optical Materials and Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. There, she performed her Bachelor thesis on "Surface Relief Gratings in Holographic Recording in Pure and Hybrid Azopolymer-based Materials".

Now she is a Master of Physics student at the University of Stuttgart and holds an IMPRS-CMS scholarship at the MPI for Solid State Research. In 2017 she joined the Ultrafast Solid State Spectroscopy research group to explore nonlinear optical methods for investigating strongly correlated materials.


Dessy develops an extreme time-scale pump-probe setup allowing for pulse shaping of sub-10fs laser pulses. She is going to explore fast collective electronic and vibrational dynamics in complex quantum systems. Her interest ranges from driven Higgs mode oscillations and their couplings in excitonic insulators and related materials to the high frequency response of molecular vibrations in highly correlated organic crystals.

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