July 01, 2022

Grab your camera and start documenting your wonderful and unusual working environment! This competition aims to encourage more multifaceted reporting on science through the use of photos. Your photos will be presented online, via print media, and also may be used for other publications.

Help make our research, Institute, and life, visible

This photo competition invites all colleagues (with an FKF work contract) to make their work visible to the public by submitting images in the following categories:

  • Category A – "My Work"
    Images from your working environment: workplace, devices & machines, equipment, set-ups, materials, zoom-ins through the microscope, scientific & technical graphics, computer simulations, etc.
  • Category B – "At Work"
    Images that capture one or more people at work. Please do not forget the declaration of consent of the photographed persons when submitting!
  • Category C – "FKF inside and outside"
    Images that show the institute and its surroundings, e.g. the “Institute in the forest” or from another point of view.


    Conditions of participation

    • All persons who have an employment contract with the MPI-FKF are eligible to participate.
    • Each participant can submit up to three photos per category. Please only submit images that have not previously been used in another publications.
    • Please observe copyrights regulations when uploading. By submitting the images, you assure that you have all image rights and that both the photo and the descriptive text are free of third-party rights and that no personal rights are violated in the depiction of persons.
    • The participant accepts the conditions of participation. Legal recourse is excluded.
    • The jury has the right to reject submitted entries if the guidelines were not followed or the application documents were not complete (image file including the signed consent form and the fully completed form containing the image information). Entries that do not have the consent form are considered incomplete and cannot be considered.
    • The deadline for the competition is 30.09.2022. The date on which the jury receives the complete application documents applies. Entries received after this date cannot be considered for the competition.


    For participation, the following documents must be uploaded here

    1. Image file (file name: „Surname_Photo_Motive.jpg“ or „Surname_Photo_Motive.tif“)
      Please make sure that your photo has sufficient print quality. A photo must be submitted in landscape format with a minimum width of 3000 pixels and a resolution of 300 dpi. The file must be saved in JPEG or TIFF format.
    2. Photo informationen (file name: „Surname_Information.pdf“)
      Please fill out the form (included in the document "Application_FKF_Photo_Competition.pdf") and upload it as well.
    3. signed consent form (file name: „Surname_Consent.pdf“)
      Please, first print out the consent form (also included in the document "Application_FKF_Photo_Competition.pdf"). Please fill this out, sign it (important in the case of photographs of persons, the persons depicted must also sign) and then scan the signed document and upload it as well. In addition to the submitted entry, the original (hard copy) of this consent form must be signed and submitted to Michaela Asen-Palmer (4C14).
      The written consent of the photographer and the persons depicted in the photo is mandatory and must be submitted with the photo.

    You can also find the necessary application document here.



    The 4 best images in each category will be presented in a first FKF annual photo calendar 2023. In addition, a special surprise awaits the photographers whose photo has won 1st place in the various categories.

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