Scanning Probe Microscopy

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Our group has a longstanding experience in the development of and research with different scanning probe microscopy methods with a focus on scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). We use a variety of different scanning tunneling microscopes optimized for diverse experimental challenges covering a wide field of research topics. For example the operating temperatures for different experiments span from higher temperatures (400 K) all the way down to 10 milli-Kelvin. Several low temperature microscopes can also be operated in high magnetic fields (up to 14 Tesla). In-situ sample preparations range from ultra high vacuum (UHV) conditions to defined electrochemical environments. A UHV suite case allows sample transfer between several STM facilities and from the electro-spray deposition source to some of the microscope chambers.

Several STM´s have additional features like optical access to the tunneling junction, additional electrical sample gating, or a combined STM/atomic force microscope (AFM). Other experimental highlights include an AFM with optical read out of the spin state of a diamond nitrogen-vacancy in the scan tip as well as a fully UHV compatible 10mK-STM.

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