Main Focus

Quantum materials

2D Materials/Magnets and their heterostructures

Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy (STXM)

- working on the interface between electrical transport and imaging methods - 

Curriculum Vitae




Since 01/2020: PHD candidate at EPFL in the field of 2D Materials/Magnets

Master of science in Physics (with distinction) (Karlsruher Institut of Technology, Germany)

Bachelor of science in Physics (with distinction) (Karlsruher Institut of Technology, Germany)

Research experience

Master thesis (KIT, Physikalisches Institut (PHI))

Topic: Fluxoid Dynamics in High Impedance Josephson Junctions

Reviewer: Prof. Alexey V. Ustinov

Advisors: Dr. Hannes Rotzinger, Micha Wildermuth

We developed a fabrication method for impedance-matchable Josephson Junctions made from disordered aluminum oxide/ granular aluminum doA/Gral. Magnetic field and Temperature dependent measurements enabled us to study the dynamics of Fluxoids.

Interested? Check out the paper: Fluxons in high-impedance long Josephson junctions

Bachelor thesis (KIT, Institut für Angewandte Physik (APH))

Topic: Cloaked Contact Grids on Solar Cells

Reviewer: Prof. Martin Wegener

Advisor: Dr. Martin Schumann

We numerically investigate into the question of whether or to which extend contact grids on solar cells can be cloaked in three dimensions by a specially shaped polymer layer on top of the solar cell. We were able to analytically describe this problem in terms of one differential equation. The coupling of the dimensions parallel to the surface of the solar cell via the normal vector of the interface remains also if one rephrases the cloaking problem in terms of generalized Snell's law.

Exchange Semester, 2015 (UIO, University of Oslo)

Theoretical Solid State Physics, Computational Physics, Space Physics

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