Dinesh Pinto



Quantum Information and Computation

Quantum Sensing

Sub-nanosecond photon timetagging



  • MSc in Physics (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  • BSc (Honors) in Physics (St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi, India)


  • J. Neethirajan, T. Hache, D. Paone, D. Pinto et al. Controlled surface modification to revive shallow NV- centers. Nano Letters (2023). ArticlePress Release.
  • D. Pinto. dineshpinto/qudi-hira-analysis. Zenodo (2023). Article.
  • D. Pinto et al. Quantum magnetometry with a diamond qubit at ultra-high vacuum. Presented at the Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials (MPGC-QM) Evaluation Seminar, Stuttgart (2022)
  • D. Paone, D. Pinto et. al. All-Optical and Microwave-Free Detection of Meissner Screening using Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond. Journal of Applied Physics 129, 024306 (2021). Article
  • D. Pinto et. al. Readout and control an endofullerene electronic spin. Nature Communications 11, 6405 (2020). ArticlePress Release.
  • D. Pinto et al. NV center based magnetic resonance spectroscopy at the molecular scale. Presented at the Max Planck Society SAB Seminar, Stuttgart (2019)
  • D. Pinto et al. Local spin readout and control of an endofullerene qubit with a nitrogen vacancy center. Presented at the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) for Quantum Sensing, Hong Kong (2019)

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