Prof. Dr. Bettina V. Lotsch
Prof. Dr. Bettina V. Lotsch
Phone:+49 711 689-1610


Sigrid Fuhrmann
Sigrid Fuhrmann
Personal Assistant
Phone:+49 711 689-1611


Press releases
F. Podjaski, J. Kröger, B.V. Lotsch
Toward an Aqueous Solar Battery: Direct Electrochemical Storage of Solar Energy in Carbon Nitrides
Advanced Materials 2018, 1705477.

Most read articles
H 2 evolution with covalent organic framework photocatalysts,
T. Banerjee, K. Gottschling,
G. Savasci, C. Ochsenfeld, B.V. Lotsch,

ACS Energy Lett. 2018, 3, 400–409, DOI: 10.1021/acsenergylett.7b01123
was one of the most read articles in January 2018.

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