Submitted Papers

Evert P. L. van Nieuwenburg, Andreas P. Schnyder, and Wei Chen
Renormalization group approach to symmetry protected topological phases
Date: 19 Dec 2017

Eslam Khalaf, Hai Chun Pe, Ashvin Vishwanath, Aruki Watanabe
Symmetry indicators and anomalous surface states of topological crystalline insulators
arXiv: 1711.11589
Date: 30 Nov 2017

Christophe Texier and Johannes Mitscherling
Non-linear conductance in mesoscopic weakly disordered wires - Interaction and magnetic field asymmetry
arXiv: 1510.02214
Date: 20 Sep 2017

A. Yaresko, A. P. Schnyder, H. M. Benia, C.-M. Yim, G. Levy, A. Damascelli, C. R. Ast, D. C. Peets, P. Wahl
Correct Brillouin zone and electric structure of BiPd
arXiv: 1704.03060
10 Apr 2017

Andrés Greco and Andreas P. Schnyder
Topological superconductivity in the hole-doped Rashba-Hubbard model
arXiv: 1705.01904
Date: 4 Apr 2017

Timo Gissibl, Sebastian Wagner, Jachym Sykora, Michael Schmid, and Harald Giessen
Refractive index measurements of photo-resists for three-dimensional direct laser writing
Date: 29 Mar 2017

W. B. Rui, Y. X. Zhao, and Andreas P. Schnyder
Topological transport in PT invariant Dirac nodal-line semimetals
arXiv: 1703.05958
Date: 17 Mar 2017

Daniel Werdehausen, Tomohiro Takayama, Marc Höppner, Gelon Albrecht, Andreas We. Rost, Yangfan Lu, Dirk Manske, Hidenori Takagi, and Stefan Kaiser
Coherent Order Parameter Oscillations in the Ground State of the Excitonic Insulator Ta2NiSe5
arxiv: 1611.01053
Date: 3 Nov 2016

Nils Wentzell, Gang Li, Agnese Tagliavini, Ciro Taranto, Georg Rohringer, Karsten Held, Alessandro Toschi, and Sabine Andergassen
High-frequency asymptotics of the vertex function: diagrammatic parametrization and alorithmic implementation
arXiv: 1610.06520
Date: 20 Oct 2016

Wei Chen, Peter Horsch, and Dirk Manske
Magnetic Field Control of Dissipationless Spin Current
Date: 13 June 2013

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