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Thin Film Technology


Publications 2014

M. Hepting, M. Minola, A. Frano, G. Cristiani, G. Logvenov, E. Schierle, M. Wu, M. Bluschke, E. Weschke, H.-U. Habermeier, E. Benckiser, M. Le Tacon, and B. Keimer
Tunable Charge and Spin Order in PrNiO3 Thin Films and Superlattices
Gauquelin, N.; Benckiser, E.; Kinyanjui, M. K.; Wu, M.; Lu, Y.; Christiani, G.; Logvenov, G.; Habermeier, H.-U.; Kaiser, U.; Keimer, B.; Botton, G. A.
Atomically resolved EELS mapping of the interfacial structure of epitaxially strained LaNiO3/LaAlO3 superlattices
Macke, S.; Radi, A.; Hamann-Borrero, J. E.; Verna, A.; Bluschke, M.; Bruck, S.; Goering, E.; Sutarto, R.; He, FZ.; Cristiani, G.; Wu, M.; Benckiser, E.; Habermeier, H.-U.; Logvenov, G.; Gauquelin, N.; Botton, G. A.; Kajdos, A. P.; Stemmer, S.; Sawatzky, G. A.; Haverkort, M. W.; Keimer, B.; Hinkov, V.
Element Specific Monolayer Depth Profiling
Kinyanjui, M. K.; Lu, Y.; Gauquelin, N.; Wu, M.; Frano, A.; Wochner, P.; Reehuis, M.; Christiani, G.; Logvenov, G.; Habermeier, H.-U.; Botton, G. A.; Kaiser, U.; Keimer, B.; Benckiser, E.
Lattice distortions and octahedral rotations in epitaxially strained LaNiO3/LaAlO3 superlattices
Zheng, FS.; Logvenov, G.; Bozovic, I.; Zhu, YM.; He, JQ.
Structural origin of enhanced critical temperature in ultrafine multilayers of cuprate superconducting films
Baiutti, F.; Christiani, G.; Logvenov, G.
Towards precise defect control in layered oxide structures by using oxide molecular beam epitaxy
Smadici, S.; Logvenov, G.; Bozovic, I.; Abbamonte, P.
Sequence of hole resonances in complex oxide heterostructures
Stahl, C.; Walker, P.; Treiber, S.; Christiani, G.; Schuetz, G.; Albrecht, J.
Using magnetic coupling in bilayers of superconducting YBCO and soft-magnetic CoFeB to map supercurrent flow
Frano, A.; Benckiser, E.; Lu, Y.; Wu, M.; Castro-Colin, M.; Reehuis, M.; Boris, A. V.; Detemple, E.; Sigle, W.; van Aken, P.; Cristiani, G.; Logvenov, G.; Habermeier, H.-U.; Wochner, P. Keimer, B.; Hinkov, V.
Layer Selective Control of the Lattice Structure in Oxide Superlattices
Smadici, S.; Lee, J. C. T.; Logvenov, G.; Bozovic, I.; Abbamonte, P.
Form factor dispersion at La M5,4 edges and average density of resonant atoms
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