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Generalized resolution matrix for neutron spin-echo three-axis spectrometers
Felix Groitl,Thomas Keller and Klaus Habicht
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Huimei Liu and Giniyat Khaliullin
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Superconductor sandwiches: cuprate-manganite multilayers with a remarkable new ground state
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Nature Physics (2018)

Details of the disorder-induced transition between s ± and s ++ states in the two-band model for Fe-based superconductors
V.A. Shestakov, M. M. Korshunov, Yu N. Togushova, D. V. Efremov and O. V. Dolgov
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Rapid suppression of the charge density wave in YBa2Cu3O6.6 under hydrostatic pressure
S. M. Souliou, H. Gretarsson, G. Garbarino, A. Bosak, J. Porras, T. Loew, B. Keimer, and M. Le Tacon
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Superconductivity drives magnetism in δ-doped La2CuO4
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Digital modulation of the nickel valence state in a cuprate-nickelate heterostructure
F. Wrobel, B. Geisler, Y. Wang, G. Christiani, G. Logvenov, M. Bluschke, E. Schierle, P. A. van Aken, B. Keimer, R. Pentcheva, and E. Benckiser
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Collapsed tetragonal phase as a strongly covalent and fully nonmagnetic state: Persistent magnetism with interlayer As–As bond formation in Rh-doped Ca0.8Sr0.2Fe2As2
K. Zhao, J. K. Glasbrenner, H. Gretarsson, D. Schmitz, J. Bednarcik, M. Etter, J. P. Sun, R. S. Manna, A. Al-Zein, S. Lafuerza, W. Scherer, J. G. Cheng, and P. Gegenwart
Phys. Rev. B 97,020510 (2018)

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