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Single-Gap Superconductivity and Dome of Superfluid Density in Nb-Doped SrTiO3

M. Thiemann, M.H. Beutel, M. Dressel, N.R. Lee-Hone, D.M. Broun, E. Fillis-Tsirakis, H. Boschker, J. Mannhart, and M. Scheffler

Physical Review Letters 120, 237002 (2018)
arXiv: 1703.0471

Bulk Contribution to Magnetotransport Properties of Low-Defect-Density Bi2Te3 Topological Insulator Thin Films

P. Ngabonziza, Y. Wang, and A. Brinkman

Physical Review Materials 2, 044204 (2018)
arXiv: 1801.07543

Design and Realization of a Sputter Deposition System for the In Situ- and In Operando-Use in Polarized Neutron Reflectometry Experiments

A. Schmehl, T. Mairoser, A. Herrnberger, C. Stephanos, S. Meir, B. Förg, B. Wiedemann, P. Böni, J. Mannhart, and W. Kreuzpaintner

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A883, 170-182 (2018)
arXiv: 1711.06992

Independence of Surface Morphology and Reconstruction During the Thermal Preparation of Perovskite Oxide Surfaces

M. Jäger, A. Teker, J. Mannhart, and W. Braun

Applied Physics Letters 112, issue 11, published online March 15, 2018

Antilocalization at an Oxide Interface

P. Seiler, J. Zabaleta, R. Wanke, J. Mannhart, T. Kopp, and D. Braak

Physical Review B 97, 075136 (2018)
arXiv: 1609.08901

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