Publications 2018

E. J. Olivier, J. H. Neethling, R. E. Kroon, S. R. Naidoo, C. S. Allen, H. Sawada, P. A. van Aken, A. I. Kirkland,
Imaging the atomic structure and local chemistry of platelets in natural type Ia diamond,
Nature Materials 17, 243–248 (2018).

V. Srot, B. Bussmann, M. Vittori, B. Pokorny, P. A. van Aken,
Naturally engineered designs exposing exceptional microstructural details an performance,
Microscopy and Analysis 32, s4-s10 (2018).

F. Wu, S. Chen, V. Srot, Y. Huang, S. K. Sinha, P. A. van Aken, J. Maier, and Y. Yu,
A Sulfur–Limonene-Based Electrode for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries: High-Performance by Self-Protection,
Advanced Materials 2018, 1706643 (2018).

C. Li, G. Habler, L. C. Baldwin, R. Abart,
An improved FIB sample preparation technique for site-specific plan-view specimens: A new cutting geometry,
Ultramicroscopy 184, 310-317 (2018).

J. K. Lee, B. Park, K. Song, W. Y. Jung, D. Tyutyunnikov, T. Yang, C. T. Koch, C. G. Park, P. A. van Aken, Y.-M. Kim, J. K. Kim, J. Bang, L.-Q. Chen, S. H. Oh,
Strain-induced indium clustering in non-polar a-plane InGaN quantum wells,
Acta Materialia 145, 109-122 (2018).

C. Dietl, S. K. Sinha, G. Christiani, Y. Khaydukov, T. Keller, D. Putzky, S. Ibrahimkutty, P. Wochner, G. Logvenov, P. A. van Aken, B. J. Kim, and B. Keimer,
Tailoring the electronic properties of Ca2RuO4 via epitaxial strain,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 031902 (2018).

C. Wu, L. Shen, S. Chen, Y. Jiang, P. Kopold, P. A. van Aken, J. Maier, Y. Yu,
Top-down synthesis of interconnected two-dimensional carbon/antimony hybrids as advanced anodes for sodium storage,
Energy Storage Materials 10, 122-129 (2018).

J. Garling, W. Assenmacher, H. Schmid, P. Longo,
Real structure of (Sb1/3Zn2/3)GaO3(ZnO)3, a member of the homologous series ARO3(ZnO)m with ordered site occupation,
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 258, 809–817 (2018).

Y. Wang, Y. E. Suyolcu, U. Salzberger, K. Hahn, V. Srot, W. Sigle, P. A. Van Aken,
Correcting the linear and nonlinear distortions for atomically resolved STEM spectrum and diffraction imaging,
Microscopy 2018, 1-9 (2018).

Y. Wang, M. R. S. Huang, U. Salzberger, K. Hahn, W. Sigle, P. A. van Aken,
Towards atomically resolved EELS elemental and fine structure mapping via multi-frame and energy-offset correction spectroscopy,
Ultramicroscopy (2018), 184 98-105.

X. Wang, V. Sridhar, S. Guo, N. Talebi, A. Miguel-López, K. Hahn, P. A. van Aken, and S. Sánchez,
Fuel-Free Nanocap-Like Motors Actuated Under Visible Light,
Advanced Functional Materials 2018, 1705862.

S. Guo, N. Talebi, P. A. van Aken,
Long-range Coupling of Toroidal Moments for the Visible,
ACS Photonics, Just Accepted Manuscript (2018).

N. Talebi, S. Guo, P. A. Van Aken,
Theory and applications of toroidal moments in electrodynamics: their emergence, characteristics, and technological relevance,
Nanophotonics 7, 93 (2018).

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