Montag, 06.02.2023

14:00 – 2D5 – Award Ceremonies
14:00: Rudolf Kaiser Prize
15:20: Humboldt Research Award

Dienstag, 07.02.2023

10:00 – 4D2 – Seminar Abt. Lotsch
Dr. S. Das: ″Interfacial and surface self-assembly driven optoelectronic features of non-covalent and covalent SAMs″
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11:00 – 2D5 – Seminar Abt. Mannhart
T. A. Jung: ″Programming electronic and spin states in 2D supramolecular architectures″

14:00 – 4D2 – Seminar Abt. Metzner
A. G. Grushin: ″Amorphous topological insulators in theory and experiment″

16:15 – 2D5 – Stuttgarter Physikalisches Kolloquium
L. Schoop: “The chemistry of quantum materials″
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17:30 – 2D5 – Anorganisches Kolloquium
Dr. S. Krause: “Dynamic nanoporous framework materials″

Donnerstag, 09.02.2023

15:00 – 4D2 – Seminar Abt. Metzner
H. Yamase: ″Compton scattering study of electronic nematicity in La-based high-Tc cuprates″
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