Conference on „Porous Materials in Energy Science“
Date: May 29 – 31 2024
Location: The House of the Bavarian Agriculture in Herrsching at beautiful Lake Ammersee near Munich
Organizers: Thomas Bein (LMU), Jenny Schneider (LMU), Bettina V. Lotsch (MPI FKF), Simon Krause (MPI FKF)

Dienstag, 16.04.2024

16:15 Stuttgarter Physikalisches Kolloquium
Fachbereich für Physik der Universität Stuttgart/MPI-FKF
Speaker: A. Rauschenbeutel, HU Berlin
Topic: Will a single two-level atom simultaneously scatter two photons?
Location: Pfaffenwaldring 57, Hörsaal V57.02

Donnerstag, 18.04.2024

14:00 – 4D2 – Seminar Abt. Lotsch
Speaker: C. Marti-Gastaldo, Universidad de València, Spain
Topic: Practising Reticular Chemistry with Titanium-Organic Frameworks: Photoactivity and Chemical Reactivity
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