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Tuesday, 30.05.2023

14:00 – 4D2 – Seminar Abt. Kern
Y. Kim: „Single-molecule energetics explored by an STM”

Wednesday, 31.05.2023

14:00 – 4D2 – Seminar Abt. Metzner
N. Tsuji: „Nonlinear response in superconductors and beyond”

Thursday, 01.06.2023

10:00 – 7D2 – Seminar Abt. Maier
C.-C. Chen: „Mixed Ion-Electron Transport in Composite Electrodes”

14:00 – 7D2 – Seminar Abt. Lotsch
A. Urakawa: „Playing with thermodynamics and kinetics in CO2 conversion catalysis”
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