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Awards for the StEM participation at the M&M Meeting 2022
Nicolas Bonmassar, won the M&M Student Award 2022 for his contribution "Emergent Interfacial Magnetism in Superconducting Cuprate-Manganate Superlattices" and Yu-Mi Wu, won the Best Poster Prize for her poster "Charge Distribution Control with Atomic Resolution via Strain Engineering in Oxide Heterostructures", which was created in collaboration with Department Keimer.

Dr. Claus Irslinger
* 25.06.1942     † 15.08.2022

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“ISA – the ultimate wellbeing partner”
Our Institute is one of the first to use Deep Care's new "ISA on demand" system, where our employees are free to book a period of time of their choice over several weeks and then receive personalized health coaching over that period to build healthy habits.

Thursday, 29.09.2022

09:50 – 2D5 – Nexus Symposium
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