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Conference on "Porous Materials in Energy Science"
Date: May 29 – 31 2024
Location: The House of the Bavarian Agriculture in Herrsching at beautiful Lake Ammersee near Munich
Organizers: Thomas Bein (LMU), Jenny Schneider (LMU), Bettina V. Lotsch (MPI FKF), Simon Krause (MPI FKF)
15:00 Seminar of the Dep. Quantum Many-Body Theory
Speaker: Thomas Schmidt, University of Luxembourg
Topic: Inducing superconductivity in Quantum Hall systems
Location: 4D2
11:00 Seminar of the Nanoscale Science Department
Speaker: Ravi Bhardwaj, University of Ottawa, Canada
Topic: Selective and tunable absorption of helical light beams in matter
Location: 4D2
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