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Dr. Jurgen Smet

has been awarded the 2020 EPS Edison Volta Prize for outstanding achievements in physics, together with Klaus Ensslin and Dieter Weiss.

Dr. Filip Podjaski

was awarded the Professor René Wasserman Award 2020 for his Ph.D. thesis "Investigations into Nanostructured Materials for Water Splitting and Direct Solar Energy Harvesting".

Dr. Martin Bluschke

was awarded the Ernst Eckhard Koch Prize 2020 of the HZB for his doctoral thesis "Resonant x ray scattering studies of collective electronic states in cuprates and nickelates controlled by isovalent chemical substitution and epitaxial integration".


Tuesday, 19.01.2021


16:15 – Stuttgarter Physikalisches Kolloquium
K. Lips: ″EPR-on-a-Chip: A revolution in spin-based analytics?″

Anmeldung hier.

17:30 Gemeinsames Kolloquium
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Himmel ″Redoxactive guanidines: Proton-coupled electron transfer, redox catalysis and coordination chemistry″

Vortrag via WebEx.
Meeting Number: 121 217 9135
Meeting Kennwort: IAC2020

Thursday 21.01.2021


15:00 – Seminar (Abt. Metzner)
A. Levchenko: "Mesoscopic, topological, anomalous Josephson effects"

Vortrag via Zoom – Link per E-Mail.

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