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Dr. Martin Bluschke

wins "Springer Thesis Prize"

In December 2019, Martin graduated with distinction from the Technical University of Berlin. The prize he received implies that this doctoral thesis will be published as a book in the Springer Theses series.

Prof. Dr. Robert E. Dinnebier was awarded the Will-Kleber-Gedenkmünze

at the annual meeting of the German Society for Crystallography (DGK) in Wroclav.
The commemorative coin „Will-Kleber-Gedenkmünze“ acknowledges outstanding efforts in crystallography. Prof. Dinnebier was awarded the prize for exceptional achievements in the field of powder diffraction, in research as well as in the further education of young scientists and in the service for the research community.

Dr. Prosper Ngabonziza

has been selected for a membership in the Global Young Academy for a period of 5 years beginning in June 2020, based on his distinguished qualifications and commitment to service to society.


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