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Dr. Aparajita Singha

Dr. Aparajita Singha

February 17, 2022
is awarded the CZS Nexus Award by the Carl Zeiss Foundation with 1.5 M Euro for initiating dedicated research based on Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond.

Logo Green Talents 2022
The Green Talents competition held by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research annually honours 25 outstanding young researchers for their pioneering contributions to greater sustainability.

Dr. Sajna Hameed
received the 2022 Prize for Outstanding Student Research from the Neutron Scattering Society of America "for the elucidation of magnetism and plastic deformation effects in perovskite titanates".

Tuesday, 24.05.2022

16:15 – Stuttgarter Physikalisches Kolloquium
N. Talebi: ″Near-field-mediated photon-electron interactions″

Wednesday, 25.05.2022

14:00 – 7D2 – Seminar (Abt. Metzner)
S. R. Manmana: ″Photoinduced spinful excitons in Hubbard systems with magnetic superstructurs″
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