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on the World's Best List of the most cited scientists for the year 2021 ("Highly Cited Researchers 2021" from Clarivate Analytics).

Life at the Institute

November 16, 2021
Our institute is home to over 500 staff and students. On this page, we highlight some of these people, showing off not only their scientific research, but also their life here in Stuttgart.

Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Prize

January 14, 2022
Professor Bernhard Keimer, Professor Giacomo Ghiringhelli and Professor Pengcheng Dai will share the 2022 Heike Kamerlingh-Onnes Prize "for experiments determining spin and charge correlations in high temperature superconductors using x-ray and neutron scattering".

Tuesday, 18.01.2022

16:15 – Stuttgarter Physikalisches Kolloquium
C. Gross: ″Designing interactions in tweezer arrays by Rydberg dressing″
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