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Prof. Dr. Peter A. van Aken

has been elected as Vice President (01.01.2020–31.12.2021) and as President (01.01.2022–31.12.2023) of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie (DGE).

Prof. Dr. Klaus Kern celebrates the 100th thesis of his laboratory at EPFL

For the past 28 years, Klaus Kern has directed his doctoral students, young researchers in the training phase, leaving them all the freedom required to be successful in developing their ideas.


TEDx event at MPI for Solid State Research

The first TEDxMPIStuttgart event themed Lab2App – "From Laboratory to Application" celebrated the synergies between science, technology, art and economy with nine inspiring talks on October 26th.

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Tuesday, 12.11.2019


16:15 − 2D5
Stuttgarter Physikalisches Kolloquium

P. G. Radaelli: "Real-space magnetic topology in oxide/metal heterostructures"

Gemeinsames Kolloquium & CRC 1333

Pfaffenwaldring 55, Hörsaal V55.21
Prof. Dr. K. Mashima: "Organosilicon compounds for salt-free reduction of metal compounds, generating catalytically active species"

Wednesday, 13.11.2019


Interdepartmental Seminar – Functional Oxides

P. Yordanov: "Large thermopower in PdCoO2 thin films"

W. Braun: "Thermal laser epitaxy"


14:00 – 4D2 (Abt. Kern)
M. Delbianco: "A synthetic approach to study carbohydrate materials"

Thursday – Friday, 14.11.-15.11.2019


no talks

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