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MPGC-QM Kick-off week

By pooling resources of several Max Planck Institutes across Germany and strong national and international partners, the newly founded Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials offers an innovative curriculum for graduate students and novel opportunities for research collaboration.

Arndt Simon

Colloquium on the occasion
of his 80th birthday




Dr. Martin Bluschke

wins "Springer Thesis Prize"

In December 2019, Martin graduated with distinction from the Technical University of Berlin. The prize he received implies that this doctoral thesis will be published as a book in the Springer Theses series.


Monday - Wednesday,


no talks

Thursday 27.02.2020


14:00 – 7D2 (Abt. Lotsch)
L. Billon: ″Bio-inspired polymer materials: From the monomer synthesis to hierarchically structured functional films″

14:00 – 4D2 (Abt. Takagi)
H. Matsuura: ″Phonon-drag thermoelectric effects in FeSb2 based on linear response theory″

Friday, 28.02.2020


no talks

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