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Prof. Dr. Klaus Kern celebrates the 100th thesis of his laboratory at EPFL

For the past 28 years, Klaus Kern has directed his doctoral students, young researchers in the training phase, leaving them all the freedom required to be successful in developing their ideas.

TEDx event at MPI for Solid State Research

The first TEDxMPIStuttgart event themed Lab2App – "From Laboratory to Application" celebrated the synergies between science, technology, art and economy with nine inspiring talks on October 26th.

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MPGC-QM Kick-off week

By pooling resources of several Max Planck Institutes across Germany and strong national and international partners, the newly founded Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials offers an innovative curriculum for graduate students and novel opportunities for research collaboration.


Tuesday, 10.12.2019


14:00–4D2 (Abt. Metzner)
H. Yamase: "Exploring the high-Tc mechanism of iron-based superconductors"

16:15–2D5 Stuttgarter Physikalisches Kolloquium
J. Fassbender: "Ion beam modification of magnetic materials"

Wednesday, 11.12.2019


10:002D5 Interdepartmental Seminar – Functional Oxides
10:00: M. Hödl: "Proton and hydroxide affinity: Importance for the hydration reaction and correlation to electronic structure"

10:30: M. Kim: "Covalency control of charge density wave and superconductivity in perovskite antimonate"

11:004D2 Wissenschaftlerversammlung

14:004D2 (Abt. Kern)
J. Schwenk: "SPM and transport measurements at mK temperatures: Probing Quantum Hall edge states"

Thursday – Friday, 12.12.-13.12.2019


no talks

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