Research at the Frontier of Condensed Matter

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Startseite Alavi

Electronic Structure Theory

Ali Alavi
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Startseite Maier

Physical Chemistry of Solids

Joachim Maier
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Startseite Keimer

Solid State Spectroscopy

Bernhard Keimer
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Solid State Quantum Electronics

Solid State Quantum Electronics

Jochen Mannhart
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Startseite Kern

Nanoscale Science

Klaus Kern
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Startseite Metzner

Quantum Many-Body Theory

Walter Metzner
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Startseite v. Klitzing

Low Dimensional Electron Systems

Klaus v. Klitzing
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Startseite Research Groups

Research Groups

Startseite Institute

  Robert E. Dinnebier,
A. Leineweber, J.S.O. Evans
Practical Powder Diffraction
Pattern Analysis using TOPAS
Theory and practice of the Rietveld method for structure refinement from powder diffraction data. Step by step tutorials on all aspects of Rietveld refinement.
    Dr. Eva Benckiser received the Walter Schottky Prize of the German Physical Society for her outstanding contributions to research on complex materials with correlated electrons.     DAAD Project for
Dr. Vesna Srot

The project "Microbial symbiosis in animal biomineralization" with the University of Ljubljana will focus on the role of symbiotic bacteria on the calcium phosphate metabolism in crustacean calcium bodies.

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