Research at the Frontier of Condensed Matter

Electronic Structure Theory
Ali Alavi
        Solid State Quantum Electronics
Jochen Mannhart
Solid State Spectroscopy
Bernhard Keimer
        Quantum Many-Body Theory
Walter Metzner
Nanoscale Science
Klaus Kern
        Quantum Materials
Hidenori Takagi
Bettina Lotsch
        Research Groups  
Physical Chemistry of Solids
Joachim Maier
        Scientific Facilities  
    Robert E. Dinnebier,
A. Leineweber, J.S.O. Evans
Practical Powder Diffraction
Pattern Analysis using TOPAS
Theory and practice of the Rietveld method for structure refinement from powder diffraction data. Step by step tutorials on all aspects of Rietveld refinement.
    DAAD Project for Dr. Vesna Srot
The project "Microbial symbiosis in animal biomineralization" with the University of Ljubljana will focus on the role of symbiotic bacteria on the calcium phosphate metabolism in crustacean calcium bodies.
    The German Society for Crystallography awards the "Waltrude and Friedrich Liebau Prize for the Promo- tion of Interdisciplinarity in Crystallography" to
Dr. Sebastian Bette.

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