Detlef Wimmer
Phone:+49 711 689-1395

Hours of Business

Monday through Thursday:
07:30 a.m. - 16:30 p.m.

07:30 a.m. - 15:00 p.m.

Distribution of Technical Gases

only from 07:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Low Temperature Service

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Service Group "Low Temperature"

The Service Group "Low Temperature" advises and supports the members of staff of the two Max Planck Institutes concerning all cryo-technical questions and issues. Additionally, it supplies the Institute with cryogenic-liquefied and technical gases.

The Service Group Low Temperature provides information about:

- Liquid Helium
- Liquid Nitrogen and Argon
- Technical Gases
- Low-temperature stock
- Security

Safety precaution indications

  • Liquefied gases (LHe, LN2) and technical gases MUST be handled and used according to the "Allgemeinen Sicherheitstechnischen Vorschriften und Gesetzen" (TRG, UVV, GGVS, etc.).
  • Prior to the use of these media the user has to contact the TTS department to learn about possible danger and the recommended or regulated preventive measures.
  • All members of the Institute are committed to attend an introduction in the TTS department prior to the first use of liquid He or the LHe vessels.
  • Manipulation of any nature of the safety mechanism are strictly forbidden. The user is responsible for damages arising from its manipulation.

Indications for the TTS group

  • Orders for LHe have to be placed 2 days in advance by registering the order on the order list in Room 2H7.
  • All LHe and LN2 vessels are property of the TTS department.
  • All departments of the Stuttgart Max-Planck-Institutes can order technical gases at the TTS department including settling of account.

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