Welcome to the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart.

A new home - a new country. Many things are a little different in Germany and some things might be even incomprehensible for you at first glance. Don’t worry – we support you to facilitate the start for you and your family in Germany.

The International Office provides assistance and information as follows:



Answering of all questions before entry to Germany including written invitations



Registration at the local citizen office after entry



Application and extension of residence permits for you and your family



Application for child allowance



German language courses



Driving license



Answering all other relevant questions


What do I have to consider before entering Germany?

Entry rules

What can I expect in my new home?

Welcome to Stuttgart

What happens after my entry to Germany?

Once a week, we visit the citizens’ office and foreigners' office in Stuttgart. We register you and your family as a citizen of Stuttgart and apply for your appropriate residence permit. Should you live outside of Stuttgart, we will of course assist you as well.

Unterkunft / Accommodation?

Our guest house

Health insurance?

You need a health insurance for a residence permit. Our administrative staff will be happy to advise you. We recommend you to get a travel health insurance for the first days.


For children with age of 6 months until school age


German school system

We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Stuttgart.

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