Information Retrieval Service CPT (IVS-CPT)

Information Retrieval Service CPT (IVS-CPT)

We are back in the offices 2M9 and 2M11.

May 06, 2023

The activities in the central Information Retrieval Service (Haunschild/Scheidsteger/Marx) for the institutes of the Chemical Physical Technical (CPT) Section of the Max Planck Society (IVS-CPT) can be divided into two main areas: research and service. Both areas are concerned with bibliometric activites. Details about our research activites can be found on the publications page.

The IVS-CPT offers database searches, which are too complex or demanding for end users, and provides access to information sources not included in the range of end user databases commonly accessible. Most important are the various field-specific literature and patent databases as well as the citation databases accessible via the Web of Science and Scopus.
Establishing impact data for research evaluation has become a major field of activity of the information service. The application of meaningful indicators and the interpretation of citation data require some experience and sound background information. Research and publication activities in the newly emerging field of bibliometrics address the need of such experience when using and interpreting citation data.

You are in need of scientific Information?

There are basically two possibilities:

  1. the direct accessible databases for MPG scientists
  2. the MPG Central Information Services:
    - IVS-CPT (Chemical Physical Technical Section)
    - Information Management of the MPI for Biochemistry

You should contact the members of the Information Services definitely, if:

  • your request is about bibliometrics or altmetrics
  • your request is about compounds, materials, reactions
  • your request is about patent information
  • you need exceedingly high completeness and/or precision
  • you need extensive citation data for research evaluation
  • you need review literature, overviews, statistics etc.
  • you have doubts about the optimal database

The Central Information Service for the institutes of the CPT division of the Max Planck Society is situated at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart but is available for all scientists within the Society. The information service should be contacted, if searches in the available end user databases are not sufficient. The service has access to many external commercial databases (such as Chemical Abstracts or patent files) not included in the range of end user databases. The search system of STN International enables more sophisticated searches regarding compounds, reactions, spectra, numerical data, and subject overviews. Citation analysis beyond the possibilities of the Web of Science (WoS) and help concerning research evaluation by citations is offered. Furthermore, service is available in all demands of scientific information.


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