Head of the Scientific Facility

Dr. Armin Burkhardt
Phone:+49 711 689-1605

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research

Computer Service

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Computer Service

The Computer Service Group maintains the central servers including email and login servers, dedicated departmental servers and the desktop computers for the various Departments and Service Groups of the Institute. The services include hardware bringup and maintenance, installation and administration of Linux, Windows and MacOS and an application software server for these operating systems. Furthermore the group administers Linux compute nodes for Departments and Research Groups with more than 5000 CPU cores.

PCs and Notebooks are installed script based for Windows and Linux operating systems. More than 150 devices are newly installed and delivered each year (Operating systems: 70% Windows, 25% Linux, 5% MacOS). Infrastructure servers were virtualized whenever possible. Servers and other critical machines use the automated nightly Tivoli Storage Manager based back-up, the total storage volume now exceeds 500 Terabytes.

Currently we establish a direkt 10GbE link to the Garching Computer Center and a shared GPFS filesystem.

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