Liquid Helium


  • helium should be ordered only if really required
  • helium vessels containing a rest of at least 5 litres should be brought back to the TT-Service immediately after use
  • prior to using liquid helium or liquid helium vessels for the first time, all members of the Institute are obliged to attend a safety instruction in the TT-Service department
  • taking down safety vessel caps, any kind of modifications or manipulations of the liquid helium vessels and/or the helium return are strictly forbidden. Users will be responsible for damages arising from such actions.
  • modifications of the helium recovery in the labs are only possible after consultation with the TT-Service

Ordering procedure
Orders for liquid helium (LHe) have to be placed 2 days in advance

  • registering on a list in room 2H6
  • by telephone, tel.-no.: 1273

Liquid helium vessel pool
Vessels are partly available with level indicator. All liquid helium vessels are placed in a vessel pool and are exclusively handled by the TT-Service.

  • 50 litres;
  • 65 litres;
  • 100 litres
  • 170 litres
  • 250 litres.

Important Notice

All orders for liquid helium (LHe) must be picked up within 2 days.

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