Technical Gases

Technical gases are exclusively ordered and charged centrally via the TT-Service for all departments of the Max-Planck-Institutes based in Stuttgart.

Centralized gas supply
The TT-Service provides both institutes with argon (5.0) and nitrogen (5.0) using a centralized gas supply pipeline.In order to achieve good gas quality also in the labs, modifications of the pipeline network are only allowed after consultation with the TT-Service.

Advice with respect to the use of high-purity gases

  • high-purity gases require an adequate pressure reducer
  • high-purity gases require electro polished high-grade steel:
    • electro-polished/passivated high-grade steel is available in the TTS
    • high-purity gas piping is possible in the TTS via orbital welding using inert gas
  • high-purity gases require particular scavenging techniques
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