Electron Microscope and Elemental Analysis


Philips ESEM XL30 TMP:

  • Tungsten-cathode
  • Continuous acceleration potential up to 30kV
  • High-Vacuum- or Auxiliary-Gas-Mode < 20Torr for non-conducting surfaces
  • SE- and BSE-Detector
  • Transfer-chamber for airsensitive samples
  • Resolution < 3.5nm

EDAX S-UTW-Si(Li)-Detector:

  • Resolution: <65eV for C at 1000cps; <135eV for Mn-Kα at 1000cps
  • detectability of elements Z ≥ 5 (Boron)


Investigation of the elemental combination of airsensitive and airresistive samples. Representation of the topological and material contrast of objects from 100mm to 20nm size. Non-conducting samples can also be sputtered with carbon or gold.

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