Prof. Dr. Bettina V. Lotsch



Nanochemistry Department
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
Heisenbergstr. 1
70569 Stuttgart

Phone:+49 711 689-1610


Chemistry Department
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Butenandtstr. 5-13 (Haus D)
81377 München

Phone:+49 89 2180-77429
Fax:+49 89 2180-77806


Career Summary

09/2020 –         Honorary Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Stuttgart

08/2017 –         Honorary Professor, Chemistry Department, LMU Munich

01/2017 –         Director, Nanochemistry Department, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart


08/2011 – 12/2016   Independent group leader, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart

02/2009 – 01/2017   Associate professor (tenure 2014), Chemistry Department, LMU Munich   



2007 – 2008  Postdoc, University of Toronto, Canada (with Prof. G. A. Ozin)

2006                PhD in Chemistry (summa cum laude), University of Munich (LMU),


2002                Diploma in Chemistry (1.0, with distinction), University of Munich (LMU), Germany

1999 – 2000   Visiting Student, University of Oxford, Balliol College


Awards & Memberships

2021               19th CNR Rao Award Lecture, Chemical Research Society of India

2017                EU-40 Materials Prize, European Materials Research Society (EMRS)

2015 and
2016                Selected as “Young Elite - the Top 40 under 40 in Economy, Politics, and Society” by CAPITAL

2014                ERC Starting Grant

2014                Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)

2008                Fast Track Scholarship, Robert Bosch Foundation

2007                E.ON Culture Prize

2007                Feodor Lynen Postdoc Scholarship (Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation)

2007                Dissertation Award (Stiftungspreis), LMU Munich

2006                Participant of the Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany

2004                PhD scholarship, German National Academic Foundation

2003                PhD scholarship, Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (FCI)

2002                Faculty Prize (best diploma)

2001                Electronic Scholarship “e-fellows”

2000                Herbert-Marcinek Prize (best preliminary diploma)

1997                Scholarship of the Stiftung Maximilianeum (Bavarian foundation for highly gifted students)

1997                Scholarship, German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung d. Dt. Volkes)


Professional Activities and Memberships

2021 –              Mentor, Elisabeth Schiemann Kolleg, Max Planck Society

2021 –              Advisory Board Member, Materials Horizons, RSC

2020 –              Advisory Board Member, Advanced Materials, Wiley

2020 –              Advisory Board Member, JACS Au, ACS

2020 –              Advisory Board Member, ACS Central Science, ACS

2020 –              Deputy Spokesperson, Collaborative Research Center 1333

2020 –              Advisory Board Member, ACS Energy Letters

2019 –              Executive Board and Area Coordinator, Cluster of Excellence e-conversion

2019 –              Scientific Advisory Board, ICMol, University of Valencia, Spain

2019 –              Advisory Board Member, Chemical Reviews, ACS

2019 –              Advisory Board Member, Chemical Science, RSC

2018 –              Professorial Committee, IST Austria

2017 –              Advisory Board Member, Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie

2016 –              Advisory Board Member, Chemistry of Materials, ACS

2014 –              Scientific Advisory Board, EPSRC Doctoral Training Center Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NanoDTC),
                           University of Cambridge, UK

2014 –2020     Scientific Selection Board of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

2013 –              Advisory Board Member, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, RSC

2013 –              Editorial Board Member, The Annual Review of Materials Research, Annual Reviews

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