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There are about 4 hits for "Manuel Cardona". Solid State Quantum Electronics MPI-FKF Max Planck Society … Cardona Memorial 2014 - Manuel Cardona: Electrons, Phonons, and Photons in Semiconductors … Wissenschaft & Praxis 68(1), 11-24 (2017) W. Marx, R. Haunschild, A. Thor, L. Bornmann Which early works are cited most frequently in … Publications Max-Planck-Institut f ¨ ur Festk ¨ orperforschung PUBLICATIONS 2011 Alekseev,V.A.,P.I.Arseev,M.A.Vasiliev,A.V.Gurevich,O.V.Dolgov,Yu.M.Kagan,L.V.Keldysh,Yu.V.Kopaev … 1Wissenschaftlicher T¨ atigkeitsbericht Max–Planck–Institut f¨ ur Festk¨ orperforschung Stuttgart – Grenoble f¨ ur den Zeitraum … Die Emeritierung von Manuel Cardona steht bevor …

There are about 4 hits for "Manuel Cardona".

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