Confinement effects in ultrathin perovskite films: ab initio calculations

E. Kotomin, D. Gryaznov, E. Blokhin, R.A. Evarestov*

* St. Petersburg University, Russia

Combining group-theoretical analysis and first-principles DFT calculations, we studied theoretically the antiferrodistortive (AFD) phase transition in ultrathin SrTiO3 (001) films and compared it with the similar transition in the bulk. We have demonstrated that phonons soften at the  M point of the surface Brillouin zone and analyzed the change in calculated electronic and phonon properties upon phase transition. We continue this study with calculations of thin films of perfect and defective BaZrO3 with emphasis on a role of phonon contribution to the Gibbs free energy of defect formation.


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