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40 years of the quantum Hall effect
K. v. Klitzing, T. Chakraborty, P. Kim, V. Madhavan, X. Dai , J. McIver, Y. Tokura , L. Savary, D. Smirnova, A.M. Rey , C. Felser, J. Gooth, and X. Qi
Nature Reviews Physics 2, 397–401 (2020)

Electrically induced breakdown of the quantum Hall effect at different Hall bar widths: Visualizing the edge- and bulk-dominated regimes within a quantum Hall plateau
P. Haremski, M. Mausser, A. Gauß, K. von Klitzing, and J. Weis
Phys. Rev. B 102, 205306 (2020)


Quantum Hall Effect and the New International System of Units
Klaus von Klitzing
Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 200001 (2019)


Optoelectronic response of a WS2 tubular p-n junction
Y.J. Zhang, M. Onga, F. Qin, W. Shi, A. Zak, R. Tenne, J. Smet, and Y. Iwasa
IOP Publishing (2018)

Dynamics of Spontaneous Electric Field Domains in a Two-Dimensional Electron System Irradiated by Microwaves and the Conductance of a Donor Layer
S. I. Dorozhkin, V. Umansky, K. von Klitzing, and J. H. Smet
JETP Letters, Volume 107, Issue 1, pp 61–65 (2018)

Characterization of individual layers in a bilayer electron system produced in a wide quantum well
S. I. Dorozhkin), A. A. Kapustin, I. B. Fedorov, V. Umansky, K. von Klitzing, and J. H. Smet
Journal of Applied Physics 123, 084301 (2018)

Current Flow in the Bubble and Stripe Phases
B. Friess, V. Umansky, K. von Klitzing, and J. H. Smet
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 137603 (2018)

Freezing of the Dynamics of Spontaneous Electric Field Domains in Microwave-Induced States with a Low Dissipation
S. I. Dorozhkin, V. Umansky, K. von Klitzing, and J. H. Smet
JETP Letters, Volume 108, Issue 3, pp 215–219 (2018)

A cascade of phase transitions in an orbitally mixed half-filled Landau level
Joseph Falson, Daniela Tabrea, Ding Zhang, Inti Sodemann, Yusuke Kozuka, Atsushi Tsukazaki, Masashi Kawasaki, Klaus von Klitzing, and Jurgen H. Smet
Science Advances, Vol. 4, no. 9, eaat8742 (2018)

Effect of Microwave Radiation on Quantum Magnetocapacitance Oscillations
S. I. Dorozhkin, A. A. Kapustin, V. Umansky, K. von Klitzing, and J. H. Smet
JETP Letters,  Volume 108, Issue 7, pp 465–470 (2018)


Metrology in 2019
Klaus von Klitzing
Nature Physics, Volume 13, 198 (2017)

Quantum Hall Effect: Discovery and Application,
K. von Klitzing,
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 8, 13-30 (2017) - [author eprint free access].

Effect of Joule heating on current-induced asymmetries and breakdown of the quantum Hall effect in narrow Hall bars,
R. R. Gerhardts
Physica E 85, 38-46 (2017)


Observation of the variations of the domain structure of a spontaneous electric field in a two-dimensional electron system under microwave irradiation,
S. Dorozhkin, V. Umansky, K. von Klitzing, and J. Smet,
JETP Letters 104, 721 (2016).

Anomalous Interlayer Transport of Quantum Hall Bilayers in the Strongly Josephson-Coupled Regime,
D. Zhang, W. Dietsche, and K. von Klitzing,
Physical Review Letters 116, 186801 (2016).

Quantum Hall Effect,
J. Weis, and R. R. Gerhardts, in: Saleem Hashmi (editor-in-chief)i, Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering.
Oxford: Elsevier; pp. 1-13 (2016)


Magnetoresistance oscillations of two-dimensional electron systems in lateral superlattices with structured unit cells,
R. Gerhardts
Physica E 74, 160 (2015).

Commensurability oscillations in a lateral superlattcie with broken inversion symmetry,
M. Staab, M. Matuschek, P. Pereyra, M. Utz, D. Schuh, D. Bougeard, D. Weiss and R. R. Gerhardts
New Journal of Physics 17, 043035  (2015).

Random Flips of Electric Field in Microwave-Induced States with Spontaneously Broken Symmetry,
S. Dorozhkin, V. Umansky, L. Pfeiffer, K. West, K. Baldwin, K. von Klitzing, and J.Smet
Physical Review Letters 114, 176808 (2015).

Disorder-enhanced nuclear spin relaxationat Landau level filling factor one,
G. Tong, B. Friess, L. Yong-Qing, Y. Shi-Shen, V. Umansky, K. von Klitzing, and J. Smet
Chinese Physics B 24, 067302 (2015).


Current distribution and Hall potential landscape towards breakdown of the quantum Hall effect: a scanning force microscopy investigation,
K. Panos, R.R. Gerhardts, J. Weis, and K. von Klitzing
Physical Review Letters 113, 076804 (2014).

Signatures for Wigner Crystal Formation in the Chemical Potential of a Two-Dimensional Electron System,
D. Zhang, X. Huang, W. Dietsche, K. von Klitzing, and J. Smet
Physical Review Letters 113, 076804 (2014).

Probing the Microscopic Structure of the Stripe Phase at Filling Factor 5/2,
B. Friess, V. Umansky, L. Tiemann, K. von Klitzing, and J. Smet
Physical Review Letters 113, 076803 (2014).

Interplay between coherent and incoherent transport in quantum Hall bilayers,
D. Zhang, X. Huang, W. Dietsche, M. Hauser, and K. von Klitzing
Physical Review B 90, 085436 (2014).


Local compressibility measurement of the vtot=1 quantum Hall state in a bilayer electron system,
D. Zhang, S. Schmult, V. Venkatachalam, W. Dietsche, A. Yacoby, K. von Klitzing, and J. Smet
Physical Review B 87, 205304 (2013).

Current-induced asymmetries of incompressible strips in narrow quantum Hall systems,
R. R. Gerhardts, K. Panos, and J. Weis
New Journal of Physics 15, 073034 (2013)



Electronic Transport in Two Stacked Graphene Monolayers,
D.H. Chae, D. Zhang, X.T. Huang, and K. von Klitzing,
Nano Letters 12, 3905 – 3908 (2012).

Coupling of Josephson Currents in Quantum Hall Bilyers,
X. Huang, W. Dietsche, M. Hauser, and K. von Klitzing,
Physical Review Letters 109, 156802 (2012).

Transconductance Fluctuations as a Probe for Interaction-Induced Quantum Hall States in Graphene,
D.S. Lee, V. Skakalova, R.T. Weitz, K. von Klitzing, and J.H. Smet,
Physical Review Letters 109, 56602 (2012).

Current-induced nuclear spin depolarization at Landau level filling factor ν = 1/2,
Y.Q. Li, V. Umansky, K. von Klitzing, and J.H. Smet,
Physical Review B 86, 115421/1–12 (2012).

How branching can change the conductance of ballistic semiconductor devices,
D. Maryenko, F. Ospald, K. v. Klitzing, J.H. Smet, J.J. Metzger, R. Fleischmann, T. Geisel, and V. Umansky,
Physical Review B 85, 195329/1–7 (2012).

Quantized ν = 5/2 State in a Two-Subband Quantum Hall System,
J. Nuebler, B. Friess, V. Umansky, B. Rosenow, M. Heiblum, K. von Klitzing, and J. Smet,
Physical Review Letters 108, 046804/1–5 (2012).


Taking Stock of the Quantum Hall Effects: Thirty years on,
Tapash Chakraborty and Klaus von Klitzing,
La Physique au Canada / Physics in Canada 67, 161 – 164 (2011).

Quantum Hall Effect in Twisted Bilayer Graphene,
Dong Su Lee, Christian Riedl, Thomas Beringer, A.H. Castro Neto, Klaus von Klitzing, Ulrich Starke, and J.H. Smet,
Physical Review Letters 107, 216602/1–5 (2011).

Tunable surface conductivity in Bi2Se3 revealed in diffusive electron transport,
J. Chen, X.Y. He, K.H. Wu, Z.Q. Ji, L. Lu, J.R. Shi, J.H. Smet, and Y.Q. Li,
Physical Review B 83, 241304/1–4 (2011).

Collective Modes and the Periodicity of Quantum Hall Stripes,
I.V. Kukushkin, V. Umansky, K. von Klitzing, and J.H. Smet,
Physical Review Letters 106, 206804/1–4 (2011).

g-factor anisotropy in a GaAs / AlxGa1-xAs quantum well probed by electron spin resonance,
Yu A. Nefyodov, A.V. Shchepetilnikov, I.V. Kukushkin, W. Dietsche, and S. Schmult,
Physical Review B 83, 041307/1–4 (2011).

Random telegraph photosignals in a microwave-exposed two-dimensional electron system,
S.I. Dorozhkin, L. Pfeiffer, K. West, K. von Klitzing, and J.H. Smet,
Nature Physics 7, 336–341 (2011).

Experimental analysis of charge redistribution due to chemical bonding by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy,
Jannik C. Meyer, Simon Kurasch, Hye Jin Park, Viera Skakalova, Daniela Kuenzel, Axel Gro, Andrey Chuvilin, Gerardo Algara-Siller, Siegmar Roth, Takayuki Iwasaki, Ulrich Starke, Jurgen H. Smet, and Ute Kaiser,
Nature Materials 10, 209 – 215 (2011).

Long-Range Ordered Single-Crystal Graphene on High-Quality Heteroepitaxial Ni Thin Films Grown on MgO (111),
Iwasaki Takayuki, Hye Jin Park, Mitsuharu Konuma, Dong Su Lee, Jurgen H. Smet, and Ulrich Starke,
Nano Letters 11, 79 – 84 (2011).

Metrology and microscopic picture of the integer quantum Hall effect,
J. Weis and K. von Klitzing,
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 369, 3954 (2011).


Growth and properties of few-layer graphene prepared by chemical vapor deposition,
H.J. Park, J. Meyer, S. Roth, and V. Skakalova,
Carbon 48, 1088 – 1094 (2010).

Raman Scattering at Pure Graphene Zigzag Edges,
B. Krauss, P. Nemes-Incze, V. Skakalova, L.P. Biro, K. von Klitzing, and J.H. Smet,
Nano Letters 10, 4544 – 4548 (2010).

Nanocarbonic transparent conductive films,
S. Roth and H.J. Park,
Chemical Society Reviews 39, 2477 – 2483 (2010).

Cryogenic scanning force microscopy of quantum Hall samples: Adiabatic transport originating in anisotropic depletion at contact interfaces,
F. Dahlem, E. Ahlswede, J. Weis, and K. von Klitzing,
Physical Review B 82, 121305 (2010).

1.55 µm photoconductive THz emitters base on ErAs:In0.53Ga0.47As superlattices,
Z.Y. Zhao, A. Schwagmann, F. Ospald, K. von Klitzing, J.H. Smet, D.C. Driscoll, M.P. Hanson, H. Lu, and A.C. Gossard,
Photonics Society Winter Topicals Meeting pages 44 – 45 (2010).

Locking and unlocking of the counterflow transport in v = 1 quantum Hall bilayers by tilting of magnetic field,
D. V. Fil,
Physical Review B 82, 193303/1–4 (2010).

Two new layered oxohalides in the system Cu-Yb-Te-O-Cl,
D. Zhang, M. Johnsson, and R.K. Kremer,
Solid State Sciences 12, 536 – 540 (2010).

Interlayer Tunneling in Counterflow Experiments on the Excitonic Condensate in Quantum Hall Bilayers,
Y.L. Yoon, L. Tiemann, S. Schmult, W. Dietsche, K. von Klitzing, and W. Wegscheider,
Physical Review Letters 104, 116802 (2010).

Shubnikov-de Haas and Aharonov Bohm effects in a graphene nanoring structure,
J.S. Yoo, Y.W. Parkan V. Skakalova, and S. Roth,
Applied Physics Letters 96, 143112 (2010).

Strongly correlated vtot = 1 state in an intrinsically density-matched electron bilayer system and its two-dimensional resistance,
S. Schmult, L. Tiemann, W. Dietsche, and K. von Klitzing,
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 28, C3C1 – C3C3 (2010).

A novel p-dopant with low diffusion tendency and its applications to organic light-emitting diodes,
I. Bruder, S. Watanabe, J.Q. Qu, I.B. Mueller, R. Kopecek, J. Hwang, J. Weis, and N. Langer,
Organic Electronics 11, 589 – 593 (2010).

Thickness dependence of terahertz response (110)-oriented GaAs crystals for electro-optic sampling at 1.55µm,
Zhenyu Zhao, Andre Schwagmann, Frank Ospald, Daniel C. Driscoll, Hong Lu, Arthur C. Gossard, and Jurgen H. Smet,
Optics Express 18, 15956 – 15963 (2010).

Charge neutrality and band-gab tuning of epitaxial graphene on SiC by molecular doping,
C. Coletti, C. Riedl, D.S. Lee, B. Krauss, L. Patthey, K. von Klitzing, J.H. Smet, and U. Starke,
Physical Review B 81, 235401/1–8 (2010).

Electronic decoupling of an epitaxial graphene monolayer by gold intercalation,
Isabella Gierz, Takayuki Suzuki, R. Thomas Weitz, Dong Su Lee, Benjamin Krauss, Christian Riedl, Ulrich Starke, Hartmut Hoechst, Jurgen H. Smet, Christian R. Ast, and Klaus Kern,
Physical Review B 81, 235408/1–6 (2010).

Model for the electron distribution in modulation-doped heterostructures with high density of surface states,
Rolf R. Gerhardts,
Physical Review B 81, 205324/1–10 (2010).

Graphene on a Hydrophobic Substrate: Doping Reduction and Hysteresis Suppression under Ambient Conditions,
Myrsini Lafkioti, Benjamin Krauss, Timm Lohmann, Ute Zschieschang, Hagen Klaug, Klaus von Klitzing, and J.H. Smet,
Nano Letters 10, 1149 – 1153 (2010).

Terahertz emission characteristics of ErAs:InGaAs-based photoconductive antennas excited at 1.55µm,
A. Schwagmann, Z.-Y.Zhao, F. Ospald, H. Lu, D.C. Driscoll, M.P. Hanson, A.C. Gossard, and J.H. Smet,
Applied Physics Letter 96, 141108/1–3 (2010).

Efficient organic tandem cell combining a solid state dye-sensitized and a vacuum deposited bulk heterojunction solar cell,
Ingmar Bruder, Martin Karlsson, Felix Eickemeyer, Jaehyung Hwang, Peter Erk, Anders Hagfeldt, Juergen Weis, and Neil Pschirer,
Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 93, 1896 – 1899 (2010).

Theoretical and experimental investigation on the influence of the molecular polarizability of novel zinc phthalocyanine derviates on the open circuit voltage of organic hetero-junction solar cells,
Ingmar Bruder, Antti Ojala, Christian Lennartz, Sudhakar Sundarraj, Jan Schoeneboom, Ruediger Sens, Jaehyung Hwang, Peter Erk, and Juergen Weis,
Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 94, 310 – 316 (2010).

What determines the performance of metal phthalocyanines (MPc, M = Zn, Cu, Ni, Fe) in organic heterojunction solar cells? A combined experimental and theoretical investigation,
Ingmar Bruder, Jan Schoeneboom, Robert Dinnebier, Antti Ojala, Stefan Schaefer, Ruediger Sens, Peter Erk, and Juergen Weis,
Organic Electronics 11, 377 – 387 (2010).

Density dependence of the v = 5/2 energy gap: Experiment and theory,
J. Nuebler, V. Umansky, R. Morf, M. Heiblum, Klaus von Klitzing, and Jurgen Smet,
Physical Review B 81, 035316/1–7 (2010).

Hot Phonons in an Electrically Biased Graphene Constriction,
Dong-Hun Chae, Bejamin Krauss, Klaus von Klitzing, and Jurgen Smet,
Nano Letters 10, 466 – 471 (2010).

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