Our stock

  • semiconductors (e.g. discreet, analog IC, digital IC, optoelectronic)
  • passive components (e.g. resistors, capacitors)
  • laboratory PCBs, soldering irons and bits, soldering tin
  • mechanical components (e.g. relays, switches, displays)
  • plug connectors (e.g. D-SUB, BNC, SMA, Tuchel, thermocouples)
  • cables (e.g. signalling and power current cables, single wire, multiwire and shielded cables)
  • heat shrink tubing, insulating tubing (Teflon®, silicone), spiral wrapping band
  • copper mesh tape, thermocouple compensation wire
  • power supply units, time switches, ventilators
  • halogen lamps, boxes, and many more
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