<strong>Unconventional superconductors<br /></strong>
High-Tc superconductors, triplet Josephson junctions, non-equilibrium dynamics of superconductors, non-centrosymmetric superconductors, Raman scattering
<strong>Orbital physics in transition metal oxides</strong>
Vanadate perovskites, spin-orbital entanglement and excitations, orbital-Peierls dimerization, spin-orbital polarons, defects in orbital degenerate Mott insulators
Frustrated spin-systems
Kitaev- and Compass-Heisenberg models, spin chains, magnetism in Wigner lattices, superexchange interactions, magnetism and optics
<strong>Functional renormalization group for interacting electron systems (fRG)<br /></strong>
Fermionic renormalization group, competing order, Hubbard model
<strong>Quantum interference phenomena in transport<br /></strong>
Anderson localization, graphene, topological insulators, proximity effect
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