Marie Däntl
Pirmin Ganter
Anna-Katharina Hatz
Sourav Laha
Florian Pielnhofer
Christian Schneider

2D Materials

Low dimensional nanostructures have been emerging recently as new materials with unique structure and size dependent properties. With graphene undoubtedly being the archetypical 2D material, inorganic nanosheets derived from layered transition metal oxides or chalkogenides are rapidly emerging these days and diversify the portfolio of 2D systems available. While having lateral dimensions typically on the micron scale, the thickness of nanosheets spans only one or a few unit cells, rendering nanosheets “true” nanoscale materials with significant anisotropic properties.

Our research is geared towards the development of new organic and inorganic nanosheet materials via soft chemistry methods such as intercalation and exfoliation. We explore the use of 2D materials as functional building blocks to construct 3D hybrid superlattices with tailor-made electronic, optical and magnetic properties resulting from the interplay between the individual nanosheets.

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