Ionics of layered 2D perovskites

A. Dučinskas, Y.R. Wang, G.Y. Kim, D. Moia, A. Senocrate, J. Milic, J. Maier, M. Grätzel

Extending the know-how on the mixed conducting behavior of 3D hybrid perovskites to 2D systems is essential to establish the potential of tuning material dimensionality to address the optoelectronic properties of these compounds and their potential at improving device stability.

Our recent work, led by PhD student Algirdas Dučinskas, reports on the observation of hydration in 2D Dion-Jacobson layered perovskites, revealing the importance to carefully assess the environmental stability of these compounds before their use in complete devices.1

1. A. Dučinskas, et. al. accepted in ACS Energy Letters 2021.

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