Dr. Felix Hensling

Phone: +49 (0)711 689-1312
E-Mail: f.hensling [at] fkf.mpg.de


Felix V.E. Hensling started his scientific carrier as an undergrad in the field of sputter deposition at the Materials Chemistry Department of the RWTH Aachen University in Prof. Jochen Schneider’s group, where he worked on the ab initio supported design of ultra-wearable thin films. He earned his doctoral degree in 2019 with Prof. Dittmann’s group at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, where he worked on defect engineering in oxide thin films with a strong focus on Pulsed Laser Deposition. He utilized different oxide systems to demonstrate the complex influence factors present during epitaxial thin film growth by this technique. During his time at the Forschungszentrum he was heavily involved in the SFB917 – Nanoswitches for which he was also the doctoral spokesperson. During a brief postdoc in the same group dealing with the engineering of Joule heating in resistive switching oxides by interlayer depositions, his first student was awarded the 3rd price Excellence in Research Award by APL Materials. For his proposal “Epitaxial growth of an odd-parity topological superconductor at the interface between two pyrochlores” he received a Feodor Lynen research fellowship for a two year stay with Prof. Schlomm’s group at the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Cornell University. During that time he was part of the team that developed the novel deposition technique suboxide molecular-beam epitaxy, resulting in a patent and several publications. The further development of this technique was also his responsibility during the year at Cornell subsequent to his fellowship.

Staying true to his leitmotif of developing, improving, and understanding epitaxial deposition methods, Felix has joined Prof. Mannhart’s group to work on the newly developed Thermal Laser Epitaxy. He aims to break the confines of classic epitaxy methods in the field of oxides - paving the way for previously unreachable material systems.

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