Main Focus

I am an expert in single crystal growth using various techniques with a special focus on growth under elevated pressures, such as floating zone -, hydrothermal –, flux - and Bridgeman-growth. Beyond the standard characterization with a SEM, EDS, XRF, XRD, Laue diffractometer, DTA with TG and polarization microscope, I utilize PPMS (ACMS, VSM, resistivity, specific heat) and SQUID (AC and DC magnetometry) to characterize the groundstates of my prepared samples. In addition several large-scale facility measurement techniques are within my expertise of various scattering types both with synchrotron and neutron beams, mainly focusing on elastic scattering of magnetic and crystal structure determination. Furthermore, local techniques as Muon Spin Spectroscopy. I am working on different quantum spin systems, currently focusing on superconductors, but still continue projects on topological systems, low dimensional magnets and frustrated magnetism.

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