Main Focus

Crystal Growth using various advanced techniques.

Structural Characterization (XRD, Laue diffraction, EDX).

Measurements like magnetization, resistivity, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity using PPMS and SQUID magnetometer.

Curriculum Vitae

In the pursuit of advancing our understanding and harnessing the potential of strongly correlated materials, my research is dedicated to the exploration, synthesis, and single-crystal growth of innovative compounds with the aim of uncovering novel electronic, magnetic, and thermal properties. Specifically, my focus extends to the investigation of materials exhibiting intriguing behaviors such as frustrated magnets, cluster magnets, molecular magnets, and Mott transitional materials. This multifaceted approach is geared towards not only discovering new materials but also enhancing existing ones, thereby paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in the realm of correlated materials science.

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