Main Focus

(1)Transport properties (i.e., thermal transport) on physical system (i.e., strongly correlated system).

Thermal transport not only allows us to detect the scattering mechanism in physical systems, but also offers us an opportunity to capture neutral particles. Together with the other low temperature transport techniques, we could explore that fantastic quasi-particles' world.

(2)Dimension reduction, from 3D to 2D and quasi-1D.

Curriculum Vitae


2012.09~2016.07: Bachelor. Physics Department, Tsinghua University, P. R. of China.

2017.06~now: Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany


2015.12~2017.05: Spin and valley transport in honeycomb 2D materials (i.e., silicene).

2017.06~2020.10: High temperature thermal transport of excitonic insulator candidate Ta2NiSe5.

2020.11~now: Low dimensional effects of correlated electron system.

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