Powder 3D

A multi-pattern data reduction and graphical presentation software

January 01, 2010
Powder 3D

B. Hinrichsen, R. E. Dinnebier, P. Rajiv, M. Jansen, 2008

One of the major advantages of powder diffraction compared to other analysing techniques is to (indirectly) measure changes of the entire crystal structure as a function of time, pressure, temperature, chemical composition, magnetic field etc.

Once online image plate readers and high resolution CCD cameras became available, they shall force changes in methods of data analysis and presentation. Typical readout times are now on the order of seconds. Soon, milliseconds will become standard, producing huge amounts of data which need to be processed in a reasonable amount of time.

The new software solution presented here aims to provide a tool for just this purpose. At the present time the implemented functionalities include data reduction for Rietveld refinement and powerful graphical representations of 2D and 3D powder diffraction data in presentation quality. The software design and functionality has been optimised to allow a substantial amount of automation if desired by the user.

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The software is freely available for non-profit use.

Latest news:

March 31, 2008:
Two updated, bug fixed and more or less stable versions of Powder3D (version 1.2) and Powder3D-IP (version 1.0) are now available which work with IDL VM 6.3. Many bugs have been corrected and many useful features have been added.


Powder 3D Parametic
P. Rajiv, R.E. Dinnebier, M. Jansen, (2010)
A computer program to perform fast and automated sequential and parametric WPPF using Topas™

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The software is freely available for non-profit use.

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