Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Prize

January 14, 2022
Professor Bernhard Keimer, Professor Giacomo Ghiringhelli and Professor Pengcheng Dai will share the 2022 Heike Kamerlingh-Onnes Prize "for experiments determining spin and charge correlations in high temperature superconductors using x-ray and neutron scattering". more
The Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award 2021 goes to Pablo Jarillo-Herrero for his work on two-dimensional quantum materials. (09.2021)

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was appointed to the 2021/2022 Global Young Academy Executive Committee. (06.2021)
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Professor William Chueh

was awarded a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award. He is an internationally leading scientist in the field of solid state electrochemistry and a key figure in energy research. His major achievements are in the important and timely fields of fuel cell research, battery research and catalysis. Notwithstanding the proximity to applications, his research is driven by a profound understanding of basic science. (05.2021)
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Professor Klaus v. Klitzing

With the international system of units (SI units) based on natural constants, introduced worldwide on May 20, 2019, the quantum Hall effect is used for the primary realization of the SI unit OHM. Since 1988 Professor Klaus von Klitzing has been involved in setting up corresponding experiments at the National Physics Laboratory India. He has been appointed Honorary Fellow of the Metrology Society of India on the occasion of the anniversary celebrations of the foundation of this metrology institute 75 years ago. (04.2021)
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The 2021 KS Pitzer Memorial Lecture at the University of California, Berkeley, has been delivered by Ali Alavi. His lecture entitled "A Blast from the Past" describes the work of his department on using the FCIQMC technique to revive the Unitary Group Approach and Transcorrelation, both powerful formalisms of quantum chemistry which had been developed in the 1970s but largely abandoned due to enormous technical difficulties in their implementation. Ali says that the amazing advances made by his group has revitalised some old but extremely powerful ideas in quantum chemistry, and we are using them to crack some old chestnuts, including the mysteries in the electronic structure of complex biological catalysts such as Fe-S complexes. (04.2021)
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is the recipient of the 19th CNR Rao Award Lecture, awarded by the Chemical Research Society of India. The lecture will be given during the 27th CRSI-NSC National Symposium in Chemistry, July 16-19, 2021, Kolkata, India. (04.2021)
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wins the Springer Thesis Award. His doctoral dissertation "Uniaxial pressure study of charge density waves in a high-Tc cuprate superconductor" was selected for the Springer Thesis Award, which implies publication in book form in the Springer Theses series. Hun-ho Kim had graduated with distinction from the University of Stuttgart in 2020. (03.2021) more
is Italy's new Minister for Ecological Transition.
From 1989 to 1991 Roberto Cingolani was a scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in the department of Klaus v. Klitzing. (02.2021)
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was elected to the "Committee for Neutrons" The Committee Research with Neutrons is an elected body which represents the insterest of neutron users in Germany to politics and facilities. (12.2020) more
was awarded the Ernst Eckhard Koch Prize 2020 of the HZB for his doctoral thesis "Resonant x ray scattering studies of collective electronic states in cuprates and nickelates controlled by isovalent chemical substitution and epitaxial integration". more
was awarded the Professor René Wasserman Award 2020 for his Ph.D. thesis "Investigations into Nanostructured Materials for Water Splitting and Direct Solar Energy Harvesting". more

Professor Bernhard Keimer

was appointed Adjunct Professor at the Physics and Astronomy department at The University of Britsh Columbia. (19.2020)
has been awarded the 2020 EPS Edison Volta Prize for outstanding achievements in physics, together with Klaus Ensslin and Dieter Weiss. (06.2020) more
has been awarded the 2020 EPS Condensed Matter Division Europhysics Prize for his pioneering studies on quantum coherence in solid-state systems, and their applications for sensing, and, in particular, for major breakthroughs in the study of the optical and spin properties of nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond. (06.2020)
was awarded the Eugen and Ilse Seibold Prize of the German Research Foundation. This prize is awarded to Japanese and German researchers in recognition of their exceptional contribution towards advancing understanding between the two countries. (05.2020) more

Dr. Prosper Ngabonziza

has been selected for a membership in the Global Young Academy for a period of 5 years beginning in June 2020, based on his distinguished qualifications and commitment to service to society. (03.2020)

Prof. Dr. Robert E. Dinnebier

was awarded the Will-Kleber-Gedenkmünze at the annual meeting of the German Society for Crystallography (DGK) in Wroclav.
The commemorative coin „Will-Kleber-Gedenkmünze“ acknowledges outstanding efforts in crystallography. Prof. Dinnebier was awarded the prize for exceptional achievements in the field of powder diffraction, in research as well as in the further education of young scientists and in the service for the research community. (02.2020)
wins Springer Thesis Prize. In December 2019, Martin graduated with distinction from the Technical University of Berlin. The prize he received implies that this doctoral thesis will be published as a book in the Springer Theses series. (01.2020) more
was awarded from the Swiss Society for Crystallography the SGK-SSCr PhD prize 2019 for her outstanding work entitled "Investigation of Solid State Reactions of Molecular Functional Materials by in situ X-ray Powder diffraction". (08.2019) more
was elected to the Orden Pour le mérite für Wissenschaften und Künste. (07.2019) more
is awarded the Otto-Hahn Prize 2019.The award is jointly sponsored by the city of Frankfurt am Main, the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) and the German Physical Society (DPG). more

Professor Yan Yu

received the NSFC-Prize (National Natural Science Foundation of China). (07.2019)
has won the Otto-Hahn-Medal of the Max Planck Society and the Karl-Freudenberg-Prize of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences for his outstanding Ph.D. thesis which combines experimental, analytical, and numerical research on the collective dynamics of quantum materials. (06.2019) more

Dr. Prosper Ngabonziza

has been nominated as a Fellow to the Rwanda Academy of Science. (06.2019)

Dr. Laifa Shen

received the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) Prize for Electrochemical Materials Science in 2019. (06.2019)

2019 E-MRS Graduate Student Award for Xu Chen (StEM)

Xu Chen was awarded with the 2019 "E-MRS Graduate Student Award" at the E-MRS 2019 Spring Meeting in Nice, France. He has been honored for the research project "Revealing the morphology and composition evolution of highly active FePtCu catalyst by aberration corrected STEM". (05.2019)

Professor Joachim Maier

has been elected Member of Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences. (04.2019)
The German Society for Crystallography awards the Waltrude and Friedrich Liebau Prize for the Promotion of Interdisciplinarity in Crystallography to Dr. Sebastian Bette for his significant scientific work, combining for mutual benefit modern methods of crystallography, especially of X-ray powder diffraction, with methods of conservation science, in particular tasks of preserving and restoring archaeological, ethnological, artistic and artistic objects. (01.2019) more

Dr. Eva Benckiser

received the Walter Schottky Prize 2019 of the German Physical Society for her outstanding contributions to research on complex materials with correlated electrons. By developing x-ray spectroscopic methods she obtained novel insight into the electronic structure of metal-oxide interfaces and created a promising basis for targeted manipulation of their magnetic and transport properties. (11.2018)

Prof. Dr. Peter A. van Aken

The Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, appointed Professor Dr. Peter A. van Aken as an Honorary Professor for the period 2018–2023. (11.2018)

Prof. Dr. Peter A. van Aken

The European Commission awards a Horizon H2020-INFRAIA-2018-2020 grant to Peter A. van Aken as a principle investigator and as the coordinator of the project "ESTEEM3 - Enabling Science and Technology through European Electron Microscopy". (09.2018)

Albert Crewe Award 2018 for Timothy J. Pennycook

The Albert Crewe Award annually honors an early career scientist, in the field of physical sciences, for significant contributions in the field of microscopy and microanalysis during the first six years since doctoral graduation. The 2018 Crewe Award winner is: Timothy J. Pennycook, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany.

Timothy Pennycook had insight into the importance of drift and collection angle on the EELS elemental mapping data before even beginning his PhD. He is an innovator who pushes the bounds of what is physically possible with technological development. His work has shed light on the dynamics of materials and was the first to see the dynamics of a chemical reaction in atomic scale detail. (09.2018)

Prof. Dr. Darrell Galen Schlom

was awarded a Humboldt Research Award.

Professor Schlom comes from Cornell University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, USA and works in the field of "Production and Properties of Functional Materials". He will be hosted by Prof. Dr. Jochen Mannhart (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany). (09.2018)

Dr. Sebastian Bette

won the "Starck-Dissertation Award". This prestigious prize is conferred for the best dissertation in the year in Germany in the field of Solid State Chemistry and Materials Science. The title is: "Über basische Chloride des Nickel(II) und Magnesiums Strukturen, Phasenbildung und Löslichkeit". (09.2018)

Dr. Chia-Chin Chen

won the "Starck-Dissertation Award". This prestigious prize is conferred for the best dissertation in the year in Germany in the field of Solid State Chemistry and Materials Science. The title is: "Mass Storage at Heterojunctions: Theory, Experimental Evidence, and Electrochemical Applications". (09.2018)
The European Research Council awards a Starting Grant to Dr. Nahid Talebi Savari currently working at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart. Titel of the project: "Quantum Coherent Control: Self-Interference of Electron Beams with Nanostructures". (07.2018) more
The European Research Council awards a Starting Grant to Dr. Timothy Pennycook currently working at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart. Titel of the project: "High Definition Electron Microscopy: Greater clarity via multidimensionality". (07.2018) more
was awarded a ›Nobel Laureate Fellowship‹ to get an unique insight into the research activities of a Nobel Laureate. (07.2018) more
was awarded a Otto Hahn Medal for the theoretical analysis of disorder effects on electronic transport in topological quantum wires. (07.2018) more

Luzia Germann

has been awarded a "Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Award" 2018 from the American Crystallographic Association (ACA). (07.2018)

Professor Dimas G. de Oteyza

was awarded with a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award in recognition of his outstanding research record, including cutting-edge achievements with seminal influence on the field of physical chemistry. (11.2017)
Katrin Fürsich was awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of Science for her outstanding thesis. (10.2017) more
in recognition of his entire achievements in the theoretical physics of condensed matter. (11.2017) more
His work on exploring oxide heterostructures for electron emission to achieve efficient energy conversion has been honored with the Shoulders-Gray-Spindt Award 2017 at the 30th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference in Regensburg. (07.2017). more
Y. Eren Suyolcu was awarded the "Young Scientist Award" at the E-MRS 2017 Spring Meeting in Strasbourg, France. The prize was awarded for the research project "Dopant Size Effects on Interfacial Superconductivity in Lanthanum Cuprate Bilayers". (05.2017) more
was awarded with the "EU-40 materials prize" of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS). (05.2017) more

Dr Stephan Rauschenbach

was awarded the 2017 Mattauch–Herzog Prize for Young Researchers by the German Mass Spectrometry Association.
The prize is awarded for outstanding scientific achievements in one of the two main areas of modern mass spectrometry, organic/biochemical analysis, and element and isotope analysis. It is one of the most prestigious and financially attractive prizes in the analytical sciences. (03.2017)

Professor Andrzej M. Oleś

was awarded the „Research Minister’s Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Basic Research in the Technical Sciences”. This Polish prize is awarded every year to one person only and comes with a prize money equivalent to 20,000 €. (12/2016)
Guest professor at the MPI-FKF is awarded with the Marian-Smoluchowski-Emil-Warburg Award 2017 „Für seine Arbeiten über komplexe Ordnungsphänomene in der Festkörperphysik, insbesondere unter Einbeziehung orbitaler Freiheitsgrade des Elektrons.” (11.2016)

Photo: Tomasz Oleś more
The International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) announced Prof. Dr. E. Robert Dinnebier as Director-at-Large (2016-2020). more
The Max Planck Society and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have appointed seven outstanding scientists as leaders of Max Planck Research Groups and tenure track professors at TUM. Dr Andreas Grüneis was appointed to this "MaxPlanck@TUM" alliance. (10.2016) more

ERC Starting Grant

The European Research Council awards a project grant to Dr Andreas Grüneis currently working at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart. Project titel: "Towards chemical accuracy in computational materials science". (08.2016)
Y. Eren Suyolcu was awarded a "Student Award" (Presidential Scholar Award) at the Microscopy & Microanalysis Conference 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. The prize was awarded for the research project "Linking Dopant Distribution and Interatomic Distortions at La1.6M0.4CuO4/La2CuO4 Superconducting Interfaces". (07.2016) more

Dr Christoph Große

received a Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation. Academic host: Prof. Jeremy Baumberg, University of Cambridge. (06.2016)
Dr Christoph Große was awarded with an Otto Hahn medal. (06.2016) more
The European Research Council awards a project grant to Dr Christian R. Ast currently working at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart. (04.2016) more
The European Research Council awards a project grant to Professor Bernhard Keimer. (07.2015) more
Dr Benedikt Frieß and Dr Tomce Runčevski were awarded with an
Otto Hahn medal. (06.2015) more
Professor Ali Alavi has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society. (05.2015) more
led by Dr Philipp Hansmann, with the goal of performing calculations for correlated electron systems. (04.2015) more
On April 1, 2015, the Stuttgart Center for Electron Microscopy (StEM) of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS) has joined our Institute, MPI-FKF. The transfer of the Center, led by Professor Peter van Aken, is a consequence of the scientific evolution of MPI-IS and further strengthens our analytical capabilities. (04.2015) more
Dr Alex Manuel Frano Pereira graduated with distinction from the Technical University of Berlin, and won the Springer thesis Award for his outstanding research on metal-oxide heterostructures. (01.2015) more
The European Research Council awards project grants to Professor Bettina V. Lotsch and Dr Sebastian Loth, both currently working at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart. (12.2014) more
He will start an "Ultrafast Solid State Spectroscopy" group at the MPI-FKF focusing on optical control and non-equilibrium dynamics in strongly correlated electron systems and novel quantum materials. (12.2014) more

Prange Prize 2014

Nobel laureate Professor Klaus v. Klitzing  has been named the 2014 recipient of the Richard E. Prange Prize and Lectureship in Condensed Matter Theory and Related Areas. (11.2014)
Dr Andreas Schnyder, scientist in the Quantum Many-Body Theory Department, will receive the Walter Schottky Prize of the German Physical Society for his work on the classification of topological insulators and superconductors. (11.2014) more
Dr Andreas Rost was appointed to a joint junior professorship at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research and the University of Stuttgart. (11.2014) more

International Society of Electrochemistry

Andreas Wohlfarth was awarded the "Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2014" (XIVth International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes, Geelong, Australia). (08.2014)
The newly constructed Precision Laboratory on the Büsnau campus was built on an initiative of Professor Kern in close collaboration between the construction department of the Max Planck Society, HammesKrause Architects and the Institute. (08.2014)
Photo: Wolf-Dieter Gericke more
Professor Jochen Mannhart has been awarded the Europhysics Prize together with Harold Hwang and Jean-Marc Triscone. With their work, the scientists have taken an important step towards making chips for computers or mobile phones smaller and more energy-efficient. (08.2014) more
will be awarded to Dr Mathieu Le Tacon for his "innovative photon scattering experiments elucidating spin and charge ordering phenomena and excitations in high-temperature superconductors and other correlated-electron materials". (08.2014) more
The Max Planck Society and the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation honour pioneering work in the field of quantum nanoscience. (07.2014)
Photo: David Ausserhofer/private photo more

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Professor Klaus v. Klitzing was elected Foreign Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. (06.2014)
Dr Mathieu Le Tacon received the Academy Prize of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. (05.2014)


Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt

Professor Klaus v. Klitzing and Professor Theodor Hänsch were appointed honorary members of the Board of Trustees of the PTB. (05.2014)
At the annual ESRF Users’ Meeting on 3rd February, the Users’ Organisation declared solid state physicist Dr Mathieu Le Tacon, aged 33, winner of the Young Scientist Award for his outstanding work on a new electronic phase of cuprates that competes directly with superconductivity. (02.2014) more
Professor Klaus v. Klitzing, Director at the MPI for Solid State Research, was appointed to the Hall of Fame of German Research. (12.2013) more

Bryan R. Coles Prize 2013

Dr Bum Joon Kim wins the Coles Prize "For seminal contributions to the discovery and experimental study of an unconventional Mott insulating state induced by relativistic spin-orbit coupling in the transition metal oxide Sr2IrO4". (08.2013)
for Dr Dmytro Inosov for the work on magnetic excitations in iron-based high-Tc superconductors, and especially for the detailed studies of the magnetic resonant mode in the superconducting state. (09.2012) more
for "Neue Technik für die Batterien der nächsten Generation" for Professor Yan Yu. (08.2012) more
Professor Michael Grätzel
EPFL, Institute of chemical sciences and engineering, ISIC Laboratory for Photonics and Interfaces more
Professor George Albert Sawatzky, University of British Columbia, Physics Department, Vancouver, Canada more
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