Photos of Nicolas Bonmassar and Anna Scheid with their certificates

Awards for the StEM participation at the Microscopy Conference 2023 (MC2023)

At this year‘s Microscopy Conference 2023 in Darmstadt, Germany, the StEM contribution of Nicolas Bonmassar with the title "Depicting atomic-resolution orbital occupation in hole doped high-tc superconducting superlattices" won the best poster prize within its category.

Furthermore, during the conference, Anna Scheid was awarded the Research Award 2023 of the German Society for Electron Microscopy for her master thesis titled "Electron ptychographic phase imaging of all-inorganic halide perovskites (AIHPs) using 4D STEM". This prize is awarded by the DGE e.V. every two years for outstanding diploma, master or doctoral theses submitted to a German university or college, preferably of a methodological-innovative character in the field of microscopy

Many congratulations to both awardees!


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