Publications patents

  • Polymer blends with high ion-exchange capacity and high ion-conductivity as well as methods for preparing the same
    Kreuer, Klaus-Dieter; Meyer, Wolfhang, H.; Takamuku, Shogo; Tidvinitze, Giorgi; Wohlfarth, Andreas
    PRAI EP 2014
  • Alkaline single ion conductors with high conductivity and transference number and methods for preparing the same
    Fuchs, Annette; Kreuer, Klaus-Dieter; Maier, Joachim; Wohlfarth, Andreas
    PRAI EP 2010-14342
  • Sulfonated poly(arylenes) as hydrolytically and thermo-oxidatively stable polymers
    Schuster, Michael; Kreuer, Klaus-Dieter; Thalbitzer, Andersen, Henrik; Maier, Joachim
    PRAI DE 2005-102005010411
  • Anode material with catalytic activity
    Allmendinger, Frank; Merkle, Rotraut; Kreuer, Klaus-Dieter; Maier, Joachim
    PRAI EP 2002-28334
  • Proton conductor with wide-ranging thermal resistance and good proton conductivity, its preparation, and membranes using it
    Kreuer, Klaus-Dieter; Fuchs, Annette; Maier, Joachim; Frank, Georg;Soczka-Guth, Thomas; Clauss, Joachim
    PRAI DE 1996-19632285
  • Potentiometric sensor for determination of partial pressure of oxygen
    Kreuer, Klaus Dieter; Kohler, Heinz
    PRAI DE 1988-3814735
  • Solid-conductor system for use with an ion-selective element for electrochemical sensors or other sensitive solid sensors
    Kreuer, Klaus Dieter; Kohler, Heinz
    PRAI DE 1986-3630872
  • Chemical half cells
    Kreuer, Klaus Dieter; Kohler, Heinz; Stellmacher, Klaus
    PRAI DE 1985-3542620 
  • Solid proton conductor and its use in battery
    Rabenau, Albrecht; Diem, Holger; Kreuer, Klaus Dieter
    PRAI DE 1982-3210096 
  • Battery
    Kreuer, Klaus Dieter; Weppner, Werner; Rabenau, Albrecht
    PRAI DE 1981-3127820
  • Solid proton conductor and its use
    Bell, Michael; Kreuer, Klaus Dieter; Rabenau, Albrecht; Weppner, Werner
    PRAI DE 1981-3127821
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