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Information about Sponsorship

SNS 2016 is a famous triannual conference on Spectroscopies in Novel Superconductors. Since the initial meeting held 1991 in Argonne other places have been e.g. Berkley, Sendai, Shanghai, Stanford, and Stiges in Spain. Highlights of the workshop will be insights through new experimental methods and experiments under extreme conditions (low temperature, high magnetic fields, high pressures), and as well perspectives for the discovery and design of novel superconductors with higher transition temperatures.

Based on the attendance of previous meetings more than 200 participants are expected. We will offer interested companies different forms of participation matching their marketing strategy and budget requirements. This could be for instance advertising in the final program, placing the company logo on the conference website or in the form of displaying products (limited space). A leaflet with detailed information will be available soon.

For requests and more information please contact Manfred Ohl ().







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