SNS 2016 will continue an illustrious series of international conferences in Argonne (1991), Sendai (1992), Santa Fe (1993); Stanford (1995), Cape Cod (1997), Chicago (2001), Sitges (2004), Sendai (2007), Shanghai (2010), and Berkeley (2013). The meeting will bring together leading experts in spectroscopy, transport, materials discovery, and theory to address current challenges at the frontier of research on superconductivity. Highlights to be discussed include the phase diagrams and pairing mechanisms of cuprates, ruthenates, and iridates, iron pnictides and chalcogenides, heavy-fermion intermetallics, and organic compounds; new high-temperature superconductors including hydrides; the interplay between superconductivity and competing order; spectroscopy of collective modes; topological superconductivity; non-equilibrium superconductivity and dynamical control; and superconductivity at surfaces and interfaces. We will highlight insights gleaned from new experimental methods and experiments under extreme conditions (low temperature, high magnetic fields, high pressures), as well as perspectives for the discovery and design of novel superconductors with higher transition temperatures.

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