StAR-M: Stuttgart Atomic Resolution Microscopy Symposium

The Stuttgart Center for Electron Microscopy would like to thank everybody who helped to make the inauguration ceremony for its two new Cs-corrected JEOL JEM-ARM200F microscopes and StAR-M 2014 − Stuttgart Atomic Resolution Microscopy Symposium a great success.

StEM was very happy to receive and very appreciative of all the genuinely expressed good wishes for productive and innovative research to be carried out on the two new TEMs.

Here is a short report on the event, and some photos are here.

Symposium Speakers

Philip Batson
Plasmonic Response and Forces in Sub-Nanoscale Objects

Gianluigi Botton
Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy at High Energy and High Spatial Resolution for Plasmonics and Oxides with Highly-Correlated Electrons

Nigel Browning
Quantitative In-Situ (S)TEM and DTEM: From High Spatial Resolution to High Temporal Resolution

Rafal Dunin-Borkowski
Towards Three-Dimensional Characterisation of Magnetic Moments Inside Individual Nanocrystals in the TEM

Joanne Etheridge
Quantitative STEM - Development of Methods and Applications to Materials Problems

Max Haider
Advanced Instrumentation for High Resolution TEM and STEM

Martin Hÿtch
In-situ Electron Holography for the Measurement of Fields

Angus Kirkland
Structural Studies of Defects and Defect Dynammics in Graphene

Christoph Koch
Multiple-Scattering Assisted Electron Tomography

Mathieu Kociak
Nanoscale Optics with Fast Electrons?

Michael Lehmann
Methodical Progress in Electron Holography

Joachim Mayer
How can Atomic Resolution TEM Contribute to the Development of New Steels?

Jannik Meyer
Recent Developments in the Manipulation and Analysis of Radiation Sensitive 2-D Materials

Stephen Pennycook
STEM-EELS Imaging of Complex Oxides

Quentin Ramasse
Atom-by-Atom Characterisation and Defect Engineering in Low-Dimensional Materials

Hidetaka Sawada
High Resolution Imaging by Aberration Corrected Microscopy

Peter Schattschneider
EMCD - Magnetic Chiral Dichroism in the Electron Microscope

Kazu Suenaga
Low Voltage Electron Microscopy for Single Atom Spectroscopy

Johan Verbeeck
Progress and Challenges in Electron Vortex Research

Masashi Watanabe
Theoretical Approaches for Quantification of Atomic Resolution X-Ray Maps in Aberration-Corrected STEM

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