The goal of this project is to built a framework to understand the electronic and magnetic properties of strongly correlated, mixed valence systems such as 4f-electron SmB6, SmS, SmSe, as well as 3d-electron NiS compounds, fully including the ionic multiplet effects and incipient magnetism in many-body ground states. The work will explore the idea of mixed valence in momentum space [1]. A variety of methods will be used, such as various implementations of slave particles, non-perturbative treatments of the electron-lattice coupling, exact diagonalization of finite systems, quantum Monte Carlo approaches, etc. The work will be based on experimental input and collaboration with various groups at UBC and the participating Max Planck Institutes, such as the groups of A. Damascelli, B. Keimer, and H. Tjeng.  


[1] "Quantum materials: experiment and theory, modelling and simulation", chapter 1 of Julich 2016 lectures, see  

Principal investigators

M. Berciu (UBC)

G. Khaliullin (MPI-FKF)

G.A. Sawatzky (UBC)

A. Damascelli (UBC)

B. Keimer (MPI-FKF)

H. Tjeng (MPI-Dresden)

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